Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ribbon Flower

I promised I would post a tutorial of the ribbon flower from my August scrapbook page. I started out with about 18" of satin ribbon, Marina Mist to match the layout. I snipped it a little more than halfway through every 3/4" or so. It doesn't have to be exact.

Round off each "petal". I just folded the ribbon at each slit and rounded 2 at a time. Cover a 1 3/4" circle with Sticky Strip. You need a very strong adhesive for this part. Place the end of the ribbon at the edge of the circle and start going around the circle, making a small pleat at each snip. When you get to the center of the flower, trim off any excess ribbon. You really should use up nearly all of the ribbon, going around the flower about 4 times, pleating as you go.

Add a brad or button to the center of the flower then hold with a pair of tweezers or plyers and heat with the heat gun. Don't be shy, get the petals to shrink up until you are pleased with the look of the flower.

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