Monday, August 16, 2010


I wanted to post pictures from a class I took called "Color Crazy". It was the night before I left for the Stampin' Up Convention and I just haven't gotten around to posting the pictures of the 20 cards we made in the class. Each picture of 4 cards are all made from the same stamp set. There are lots of styles and techniques on these sets of cards and, although they use the same stamp set, they are definitely each unique.
It is kind of strange how things work out sometimes. I was thinking about posting the cards from the color class and saw Stacy Julian on Scrapbook Memories today and she did a little bit about color. I thought I would post as much as I could get of it today with the pictures fromm the class. Sometimes we get stressed out about colors so I liked what she said:

"I started teaching about color in scrapbooking over 10 years ago. Back then it was all about identifying the colors in your photos and then matching them to cardstocks and stickers. We taught from the color wheel and felt especially smart if we could throw around terms like value, intensity and tertiary. I'm happy to say that today, things are much easier. Our view of color has matured and our approach is much friendlier. It's about recognizing the colors you love and using those colors to bring emotion and meaning to your memories. Are there new rules we need to know? Just this, if you like it, it's going to work."

(still quoting) "I like to find a color combination that I think is pretty like in a piece of fabric. Then I go to my cardstock and find colors that feel the same, they aren't necessiarily the same colors but they bring about the same feeling as that combination. Then I challenge myself to make or create 2 or 3 scrapbook pages using that same combination. And I play with how much of each color I use, or the porportion. A layout can look youthful and cheerful by downplaying the gray and using more yellow and green. For a more sophisticated, urban feel you would want to use more of the gray. You know how they say "Practice makes perfect"? I want to update that for you. It's really "Playing makes perfect. When you can sit down with your photos and play with color that you love and color that feels good, you're going to come away a happier person and scrapbooking is going to make you happier." Stacy Julian

So, don't stress out too much about colors but definitely use a color wheel or go to a site like My Create Ink to help you if you aren't sure.

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Jae said...

I really like what she said about color! It's so true--colors bring an emotion out of everyone. That's the most important part of using color: to get people to feel what you want them to feel when they see something you've created. I think it's interesting how the exact same design can convey different emotions just because of the different colors used.

Thanks for the reminder!