Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Convention Swaps

If you have been following my blog you know I love swaps. I love the ideas I get and the samples made with stamp sets and embelishments I don't have. Often the techniques are ones I haven't tried yet so I am inspired to go create something new with the techniques. Here are some of the swaps I got this year at the Stampin' Up convention. These are mostly my favorites. Again, if you click on the pictures they will be bigger so you can see some of the details on the card that won't show up in the smaller pictures. There are another group that have interesting ideas I'll feature tomorrow.

I'm going left to right, top to bottom on each picture with the name of the person who made the card to swap. First picture 1-no name, 2 Brenda Van Middelkoop, 3 Patty Edwards, 4 no name, 5 Nikki Jones, 6 Megan Wheeler

Second picture, 1 Laurie Zoellmer, 2 Tamie Ackerson, 3 DeAnna Hollis, 4 Loreli Stone, 5 Lauri Seago, 6 Colleen Olsen

Third picture, 1 Shoni Matney, 2 Krista Tesky, 3 Carol Payne, 4 Sharon Armstrong, 5 Sandy Haynes, 6 Kimberley Brown

Fourth Picture, 1 Cathy Broom, 2 Kim Assaly, 3 no name, 4 Maryann Scott, 5 Kathy Vannantwerp, 6 Karen Albin

Fifth Picture, 1 Tricia Radford, 2 Kimberly Myers, 3 Virginia Killmore, 4 Beverly Penick, 5 Bobbie Bjergo, 6 Sharon Armstrong

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