Saturday, July 31, 2010

Over the Top projects and Blog Candy Winner

I love to look at over the top projects. Some of them are fairly easy to replicate but some just amaze me and I wonder at the sanity of the creator. I mean, really, how long did it take to make this cake? It's gorgeous but I don't see myself making one!
The other projects are more down-to-earth. I might attempt some of them. The Christmas ornaments remind me of the pumpkin I made with strips of paper. I just need to figure out the trick of the double decker one.
The bright box is a fun little container for some owl-covered Mint Patties. The boxes aren't too hard to make and this would make a very cute gift.

I love the little boxes so many people design to hold not only candy, but also gifts of cards. they are fun to make and will make quite an impact when they are presented to our friends and family. The pink and brown box has a cute little pull out drawer that holds the cards and the last box has amazingly life-like lillys on the top. Didn't she do a great job! You open up the box to reveal 3 compartments for candy or other small gifts. This box just amazes me! It reminds me of a story my mom told me when she was a teenager. A boy was coming by to visit her so she spent extra time making the living room look great, including picking a big bouquet of day lillys. She went on to get cleaned up and dressed and was all ready to greet him when he arrived. As she led him into the living room she was shocked and embarrassed to see the lilies all closed up in the dim light of the lantern! It's hard to imagine my mom as a young girl excited about a date but this story made me realize she used to be an insecure teenager too.
I forgot to draw the winner of the blog candy yesterday because I was on the way to GA for my grandson's 5th birthday party. I seriously didn't feel like traveling again but for my sweet little Easton, I'm glad to go. At least my husband came with me so he could drive for the 9 hours it takes to get there. The winner of the blog candy is Jae! I need to get your address, Jae so I can send your stamp set and markers. Yay Jae!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't you just love mini purses?

Another thing there were lots of samples of at the Stampin' Up convention was cute little paper purses. I did some clases where we made purses and I saw lots of other purses in swaps and displays.

The only one I know who made is the pansy purse made by Gretchen Baron. The picture is not the one I made, I took it of one of the samples. I took her class on how to make the pansies from the butterfly punch but I need a remedial class! I'll try again when I get a chance to perfect my pansies.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mini Albums and More Sample Boards

Mini albums are always popular. There were some wonderful examples shared last week. I love mini albums, I guess partly because they are small and quickly finished and partly because they are so cute. There were lots more than 2 mini albums there but for some reason my blog won't let me add any more pictures. First is a step album using the Travel Journal DSP and Sentimental Journey stamp set, both from the Summer Mini catalog.

Next is a beautiful paper bag album. I didn't get a picture of the inside of this one but it is so beautiful. The artist did a wonderful job with lots of beautiful touches on this little album.

The third mini album is also a stair step album. It uses another great DSP paper pack and stamp set from the Summer Mini catalog, Island Oasis and Tropical Party. I love that stamp set and paper, it is what I made my July scrapbook club layout out of.

The last mini album I'm posting is one I made at a stamp camp at the pre-convention events. I'll be posting some of the other beautiful projects I made at the stamp camp over the coming week. This album is a Tri-shutter album. It looks complicated but once you get it folded right it is a pretty quick album. I'm thinking this will make a great Christmas card for some of my family and close friends, just enough room to put several pictures from the year and they can set it open on their desk or mantel. It was a great idea for a card and putting 2 together to make into a mini album is an equally wonderful idea!

Last, here are some more display boards from convention. I'm hoping I haven't posted the same board 2 or 3 times by now! I didn't write down the numbers as I posted the first few times and they are too small to tell apart easily. Enjoy the inspiration!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's No Place Like Home! (Blog Candy too!)

I'm home! It feels so good to be back. I got to walk in my garden this morning and pick tomatoes, corn and blackberries. I picked a pear for lunch but they aren't quite ripe enough yet. I still ate it all and can't wait till they are bigger, sweeter and juicier!

The flight home wasn't quite as eventful as the flight out to convention. For some reason I booked a late flight but it went directly from SLC to Nashville so I didn't think it would be so bad. WRONG! First of all, the plane was late getting into SLC from somewhere in CA. There was some kind of computer problem that slowed them down and had to be fixed in SLC before we could leave. The seat was comfortable and I was able to sleep some. In 2 minute segments between the dinging of the seat belt bell, announcements of various sorts and the serving of drinks. How often does that bell have to ding between 10 PM and midnight???

The best part of the trip came when I went to baggage claim. We all love standing there hoping our bag will actually make it to the airport the same time we do, don't we? I always carry everything on the plane with me to avoid the fun of baggage claim roulette. I just couldn't get it all in on the trip home this time so I got a big box (a quite large box) and filled it with convention goodies. The main thing that was freaking me out though as suitcases came and got claimed and my box never materialized what that my computer and camera cords were in that box!

After the belt stopped moving and all but 3 passengers had claimed their bags and left I went to the plane's baggage office. The girl looked at the info on her computer and said that my box was in Nashville. Easy for her to say. We went to the room next to that office where there were lots of suitcases and several boxes. Nope, none of the boxes were mine. The girl kept insisting that my box was in there but I knew none of those boxes was big enough to be mine. Just as we went back into the office the conveyor belt started going again. It had been over 15 minutes since it had stopped but still, I looked hopefully at it. Relief! There was my box! Just as it came through the opening the belt stopped. It was like magic, especially at 1AM. By the time I got home and got into bed it was 2:35. I reckon I need a nap . . .

Although it feels so good to be home I am enjoying all the memories of the Stampin' Up convention and I'm planning so many projects for upcoming classes. I'll be posting those in a few days but I bet you want to see more convention pictures, don't you?

Here are pictures from one of the shoebox swaps I did. The first one is a nice simple card on the front but has the wow factor when you open it up and see the butterflies pop up. I didn't get the name of who it was designed by but those pop up butterflies will be coming soon to a class near me :~)

Next, on the left are 2 cards. One is the card as designed. I don't know what it is but I don't like the Chocolate Chip, Baja Breeze and Real Red in that paper so I turned it over and used the pretty yellow print. Maybe you like the brown but I like my sunny card!

On the right is a cute window card that has a bird cage inside. Luckily I got a picture of the card we were copying because my bird cage is leaning and creates the idea that when you open the card you will see Sylvester trying to tip it over!

The little owl card features one of my favoite new punches. This punch makes the owl punch art so easy to create but you might want to order a Tombo Multi glue along with the punch. That makes the little eye pieces so easy to attach. You will see lots more ideas with this punch. It looks so cute punched out of the patterned papers and they are using it for punch art that turns out looking nothing like an owl! The other card is a baby card made with the new Onsies wheel. That will be totally great as a border on a scrapbook page too.
The pink card has an interesting fold of the XL Fancy Flower punch. Just a few folds across and it nearly folds together by itself. You can stamp a message inside or just leave it blank.
I'm giving blog candy today, not only to celebr
ate being safely back home but because I passed 30,000 visitors to my blog about 1:00. So, you know the drill: post a comment and be sure to leave your email address so I can find you to give you the prize. I've got a set of 3 markers and a discontinued but unused stamp set called Botanical Blooms for the winner. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you will keep coming back to visit with me. I'll draw a name on Friday and post the winner then.
And last, more pictures from some of the sample boards. Remember to double click on the picture to make it big enough to actually see the cards.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Convention pictures

I'm flying home tonight. It has been a wonderful 10 days here in Salt Lake City. Not only did I get to attend the 3 days of the Stampin' Up convention, I got to attend 3 days of Pre-convention activities sponsored by the Late Night Stamper's group (click on owl on the right to join) and I went to see a wonderful musical at the Hale Family theater, what a georgous facility! The play was full of energy and so funny, the preformers were so talented in both singing and dancing. It was The Wedding Singer and they did a fabulous job of presenting it.

First, a couple of "over the top" items. Although they are absolutely georgous, I'm probably not going to make either one of them. I just wanted pictures to share with yall so you could either be inspired by a great project or show all your friends how insane some people can be to spend so much time on a paper craft project! Maybe these didn't take as long as I'm thinking they might have but they are huge, 12X12 worth of punches and small pieces. I don't know who to give credit to for all the time and talent it took to create these beautiful works of art.

I am getting ready to do some redecorating in my living room and there were plenty of great ideas for me to consider. I thought the combination of frames and stenciling in the 2 pictures on the left was a very interesting wall treatment. That is in serious contention with the sponging technique I had been considering before I came out to convention. I love the ribbon lamp with die cut fabric flowers too. One of our lamps broke in the move and we need new lamps. Now I think I'll buy the lamp bases and see if my friend, Carolyn who had a bunch of lamp making supplies has gotten rid of it all. I could totally personalize my lamp shades to fit my personality. I reckon I'll start on the redecorating soon now that I'm totally inspired!

A couple of more decorating ideas, some of these were from the decorating booth at convention and some were from the sample rooms at the Stampin' Up home office. I loved both of these ideas, the ribbons used as table runners and the flowers strewn across the wall. The ribbon idea is actually a thrifty idea because when your event is over you can roll them back up and use them on projects. I'm wondering what my husband would think about a bunch of die cut flowers decorating the wall above my dresser. Hey, he might even want some around his dresser!

And last, a few more pictures of display boards. I have so many, I hope I don't post the same one twice! I hope you can get some inspiration from them like I have. I'm feeling the need to send some cards out.

Due to the lack of sleep and an allergy to some kind of plant here in Utah I have HUGE bags under my eyes. I thought about taking a picture but you will just have to imagine it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love A Parade!

I was kind of disappointed that I would have to miss the Pioneer Day Parade because the convention was all day Saturday too. If you don't know, July 24th is the day the Pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley and knew that was where they would settle. They have a state holiday on the 24th and a huge parade, fireworks and lots of other activities to celebrate. The parade in Salt Lake City is maybe the 3rd largest in the country, only beat out by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Rose Bowl Parade. I was
delighted that the floats were lining up right in front of where I had been parking all week! For the 3 blocks to the Salt Palace I got to see lots of floats and a few pioneers :~) It was funny to see people dressed up as pioneers waiting at the Trax station for the next train. I included the KFC float, did you know the first KFC was built in Salt Lake City? Colonel Sanders tried many times (I don't know the exact number but it seems like it was 80 something) to get a bank to help him open the first resturant. The first banker to agree to help him was in Salt Lake City. That was 1952, even before I was born!

Anyway, you might enjoy the float pictures and history lesson but I know you came by to see pictures from the convention! I've got lots (like hundreds) so on to the business at hand.

They always have a bunch of display boards with samples of all styles and colors. I took pictures of most of them so I can look back and get inspiration for future projects. It is fun to see all the great ideas people come up with. The first board on the left has projects from demonstrators all over. Do you recognize a layout from me??

If you click on the pictures you will be able to see the cards better. They are pretty microscopic here with so many cards in such a small space.

I also wanted to show how they do demonstrations to nearly 3000 demonstrators in the same room. We could all see great with the 8 jumbo tron boards they had! This isn't a very good picture but you get the idea. Even in the back I could see tiny details of the projects. More tomorrow!