Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flying to Convention

I made it to Utah safe and as sound. I took a great class last night but totally forgot to take pictures when I got to the motel and I didn't bring them with me so I will have to wait untill I get home to share those with you. We made 20 cards and they are great. It took about 5 hours to make that many. That averages out to 4 an hour, a little more actually since we had supper too. Not bad for 10-15 minutes a card.

Those of you who know me know that I tend to be a little late now and then. I just get sidetracked so easily! On the way to the class last night we heard reports on the radio that VP Biden was in Nashville and Interstate 40 was closed between the airport and the place he was going. We decided to go on Briely Parkway instead to avoid the traffic. What the traffic report didn't know was that he wanted to go by the Opryland Hotel and see the flood damage and the progress they were making in restoring it. We saw the back-up in traffic soon enough to get off but it took a lot longer to get there so I was a little late to the class. See, not my fault at all, I can blame this one on the VP :~)

This morning I figured I needed to be to the airport by 7:30 for my 8:30 flight. We left the motel about 7:30 but since the airport was about a 5 minute drive that was no big deal. My husband was going to park and go in with me but the parking has been changed and we couldn't figure out how to get in so we ended up driving back out and around and I told him to just drop me off in front instead.

Security, gotta love it! The bag that had my stamp supplies in it had the x-ray guy concerned. He ran it back through and still couldn't figure out one item. He asked if I minded if he opened it. No problem, just hurry! I told him it was probably a punch and he put that baggie through and sure enough, the Jewelry Tag Punch was what he was concerned about. I got everything put back in the bag (which was a major challenge) and headed to the terminal. I was departing from gate A4 and about the time I saw gate A1 in the distance I heard the intercom asking me to come to the gate. I hurried a lot faster but before I got there they said "Elaine Wright, your flight has boarded. Please report to gate A4". Yikes! I hurried even faster and made it there before they decided to leave me. I can blame this one on my husband, right??? Or maybe the security guy who didn't recognize a cute little punch. . .

I went through the door to go down the flexible hall to the plane and immediately noticed sunlight at the end. Had my plane left??? No. It was one of the little planes. I had to walk down a long ramp and across the tarmac and up the stairs of the plane. Every seat was full except mine. I was pleased that I was in the front row though, I have a tendancy to get sick on the small planes if I'm in the back. I look at the seat, it measures about 6 inches across! Well, that is an exaggeration but I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't lost 25 pounds the last few months I wouldn't have fit in that seat!

So, all the way from Nashville to Denver, over 1000 miles on a small plane. Luckily, there was no turbulance and I didn't need the barf bag. I got ribbon attached to the 75 swap cards I was working on and got the layers all adhered. All 4 layers. One swap down and another of only 70 cards to go. At least the other one isn't so complicated. I tied as many of the little bows for the second card as I could in the barely 1 hour flight from Denver to Salt Lake City. We got a big plane for that flight which was a good thing since there was a LOT of turbulance!

The weather is nice here but hot. Without the humidity it is so dry I've put lotion on my hands about once an hour though! I'll try to post pictures for you during convention next week so you can see all the great projects and fun. If you are still reading, thanks for staying with me for a long post with no pictures!


Angela said...

Sounds like an eventful trip so far...Keep blogging and have a great time!

Roberta said...

I leave on Tuesday! I am so excited!

Holly said...

Christina is missing her Grandma. She wanted to go home with Dad and I told her that she couldn't go with him because he had to leave early in the morning for work and then she would be alone. She assured me she wouldn't be alone because Uncle Curtis would be there. I told her no she couldn't go over there and stay the night. I told her maybe on the weekend when he doesn't have to go to work.

Have lots of fun!

Mike and Wendy said...

Glad you made it. Too bad Daddy couldn't make it, too. Though, from the sounds of it, even if he had a plane ticket, he wouldn't have been going!
BTW, how did you double your followers practically over night?!

Anonymous said...
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