Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amazing, wonderful, great!

I'm having so much fun! I'm seeing so many great ideas and wonderful creations here at the Stampin' Up convention. I love Stampin' Up demonstrators, they are so willing and eager to share what they have discovered, learned and created. I'll just post a bunch of pictures of swaps that I wasn't actually in. They had 3-D swaps and I didn't even think to make any of those, what was I thinking???? I'm going to post some of the 3-D swaps for you today. I wonder how many pictures I can put in one blog post. I reckon I'm about to find out!

Humm, that's 14. I'm thinking I will stop now so the poor souls without high speed won't have to wait 2 days to view all the pictures. I really do wonder how many pictures I can post in 1 post though. I'll try to post some more pictures later today. I think I'll change my blog to where it will only show 10 blogs per page instead of 25. That should help with the speed a lot since I'm crowding things up!