Saturday, July 31, 2010

Over the Top projects and Blog Candy Winner

I love to look at over the top projects. Some of them are fairly easy to replicate but some just amaze me and I wonder at the sanity of the creator. I mean, really, how long did it take to make this cake? It's gorgeous but I don't see myself making one!
The other projects are more down-to-earth. I might attempt some of them. The Christmas ornaments remind me of the pumpkin I made with strips of paper. I just need to figure out the trick of the double decker one.
The bright box is a fun little container for some owl-covered Mint Patties. The boxes aren't too hard to make and this would make a very cute gift.

I love the little boxes so many people design to hold not only candy, but also gifts of cards. they are fun to make and will make quite an impact when they are presented to our friends and family. The pink and brown box has a cute little pull out drawer that holds the cards and the last box has amazingly life-like lillys on the top. Didn't she do a great job! You open up the box to reveal 3 compartments for candy or other small gifts. This box just amazes me! It reminds me of a story my mom told me when she was a teenager. A boy was coming by to visit her so she spent extra time making the living room look great, including picking a big bouquet of day lillys. She went on to get cleaned up and dressed and was all ready to greet him when he arrived. As she led him into the living room she was shocked and embarrassed to see the lilies all closed up in the dim light of the lantern! It's hard to imagine my mom as a young girl excited about a date but this story made me realize she used to be an insecure teenager too.
I forgot to draw the winner of the blog candy yesterday because I was on the way to GA for my grandson's 5th birthday party. I seriously didn't feel like traveling again but for my sweet little Easton, I'm glad to go. At least my husband came with me so he could drive for the 9 hours it takes to get there. The winner of the blog candy is Jae! I need to get your address, Jae so I can send your stamp set and markers. Yay Jae!


Jae said...
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Jae said...

If I were to make something like that cake, I'm sure with my luck I'd get it finished and then trip and fall on top of it. It sure is incredible though! And those lilies on that last box are really incredible too! Some people are so talented and so creative--they put me to shame.

Created By You said...

Gosh, these projects are so pretty, really love the lilies box! How fabulous is that? As for the cake.. someone had a lot of help, don't you think, it's quite a WOW project!

BeeBeebabs said...

Absolutely beautiful tfs

Diane - Rubber 'n Rafters said...

I agree.. some of those projects are awesome.. but I could never do them.

Newest follower from SC. Hope you follow me too.