Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Convention pictures

I'm flying home tonight. It has been a wonderful 10 days here in Salt Lake City. Not only did I get to attend the 3 days of the Stampin' Up convention, I got to attend 3 days of Pre-convention activities sponsored by the Late Night Stamper's group (click on owl on the right to join) and I went to see a wonderful musical at the Hale Family theater, what a georgous facility! The play was full of energy and so funny, the preformers were so talented in both singing and dancing. It was The Wedding Singer and they did a fabulous job of presenting it.

First, a couple of "over the top" items. Although they are absolutely georgous, I'm probably not going to make either one of them. I just wanted pictures to share with yall so you could either be inspired by a great project or show all your friends how insane some people can be to spend so much time on a paper craft project! Maybe these didn't take as long as I'm thinking they might have but they are huge, 12X12 worth of punches and small pieces. I don't know who to give credit to for all the time and talent it took to create these beautiful works of art.

I am getting ready to do some redecorating in my living room and there were plenty of great ideas for me to consider. I thought the combination of frames and stenciling in the 2 pictures on the left was a very interesting wall treatment. That is in serious contention with the sponging technique I had been considering before I came out to convention. I love the ribbon lamp with die cut fabric flowers too. One of our lamps broke in the move and we need new lamps. Now I think I'll buy the lamp bases and see if my friend, Carolyn who had a bunch of lamp making supplies has gotten rid of it all. I could totally personalize my lamp shades to fit my personality. I reckon I'll start on the redecorating soon now that I'm totally inspired!

A couple of more decorating ideas, some of these were from the decorating booth at convention and some were from the sample rooms at the Stampin' Up home office. I loved both of these ideas, the ribbons used as table runners and the flowers strewn across the wall. The ribbon idea is actually a thrifty idea because when your event is over you can roll them back up and use them on projects. I'm wondering what my husband would think about a bunch of die cut flowers decorating the wall above my dresser. Hey, he might even want some around his dresser!

And last, a few more pictures of display boards. I have so many, I hope I don't post the same one twice! I hope you can get some inspiration from them like I have. I'm feeling the need to send some cards out.

Due to the lack of sleep and an allergy to some kind of plant here in Utah I have HUGE bags under my eyes. I thought about taking a picture but you will just have to imagine it.

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Kath said...

Looks like you have some great ideas to work with.