Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stampin' Up Office displays

I had taken a tour of the Stampin' Up offices a year and a half ago when I was in Utah for Convention but my husband had never been there so I asked if he wanted to go.  He was pretty enthusiastic about it so we went on Tuesday.  He was driving and I was directing him with my handy-dandy GPS app on my Android.  When I pointed and said that is it he said "Wow!"  It is a very large building on 55 acres and is very impressive. 

When we walked in and he saw the atrium he was more profoundly impressed than he ever imagined he would be.  I knew he would love it but didn't tell him all about it so he would be surprised.  It is so beautiful and is a great place to work.  The receptionist said she would call the one who does the tours while we looked in the display/history area. 

Again, my husband was impressed.  He read all about the history and couldn't believe how quickly Stampin' Up went from a living room operation to the huge building they have today.  I told him that they operated totally in the black and he said "Dave Ramsey would love that!".  Yep, I think he will be a little more patient with my business efforts after that visit  :~)

Here are some pictures from the display area:

Yum!  Chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries.  Only problem, they are all paper!  They look so beautiful though.

See me taking a picture of this beautiful wreath?  It is made from cones cut with the Scalloped Circle die.  I might need to make one of these, if I find directions anywhere I'll let you know.  Oh, if you look closely you can see my headless husband standing beside me.

After we looked at everything (and there was so much more) in the display area we came out and the sweet receptionist told us that both of the people who lead tours were out of the office but she gave us an abbreviated tour.  The most impressive thing is the atrium in the office but I didn't take any pictures!  It is amazing, huge rocks forming a waterfall and lots of plants and trees around it.  It is more than 2 stories high with a dome roof to accommodate more growth of the trees.  There are tables and chairs around it, I'm thinking I would probably eat lunch there everyday if I worked there!

Another impressive sight is the packing and shipping area.  It is all computerized so the boxes are already assigned what goes in them as they are scanned and folded.  They go down the conveyor belts and when they get beside a product that goes in them they automatically stop and a light to the proper bin lights up.  Once the product is picked and placed in the box it continues on it's way. 
She said that everything is calculated by weight and the least variance in the total when the box is filled puts the box into an inspection station where everything is checked by humans.  No wonder there is seldom an error in my shipments!

Before visiting the offices we ran some errands and saw this sign.  I thought you would enjoy it too.

One last thing, today is the last day for the huge Clearance Rack specials.  There are still lots of good things left, did I mention there were punches there???   Also lots of ribbon, paper, buttons and even some dies!

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KaWheelers said...

I've become pretty obsessed with wreaths recently so when you find out how to make it, let me know! I love that wreath :)