Monday, January 30, 2012

Countdown till Valentine's tin

I taught a class at a crop up in Kentucky at Land Between the Lakes.  It was at a camp called Camp Bear Creek.  The ladies who took my class were such a fun group, I really enjoyed teaching them.  Each lady made a tin that they decorated as a countdown calendar for Valentine's Day.  Here are pictures of them, inside and out so you can also see the numbers that have magnets on the back so they can easily be placed on the tin and switched out each day.

I found this cute butterfly treat on Mary Brown's blog. I added the doily part over the red butterfly to make it more Valentinesey and the happy valentine's day sentiment from the Teeny Tiny Wishes set. The tag is tied on with the red and white Baker's Twine as well as the antennae tied around the middle of the butterfly.
Camp Bear Creek is on the Western shores of Land Between the Lakes.  There are 2 large parallel lakes and the land between is great for camping, fishing, boating and vacations.  You can get to Camp Bear Creek one of 3 ways, around the South end of the lakes, around the North end of the lakes or over a bridge that goes across the middle of the lakes.   We always went through the middle since it is the shortest distance.  Friday morning I woke up to the news that a barge had hit one of the bridges and 2 spans had fallen.  Luckily nobody went over the edge but we couldn't take that route to the crop this time.  I really didn't like driving over those bridges, they were old (1934), narrow and spooky.  I guess now I won't have to drive over that one ever again! 

When I started checking the distance to see which way would be fastest for an alternative route I was surprised to find out that it takes about 3 minutes longer to stay on the freeway and go around the tops of the lakes!  I wish I had known that all these years so I could have avoided the spooky bridges!  It was a great crop and it was fun creating and visiting over the weekend.

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Holly said...

Cute! Our Christmas one was much loved! Would love to have one of these too. Grandchild loved that it was put in her room. Love your ideas.