Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paper Doily Sizzlet Die

Have I mentioned how much I like the Paper Doily Sizzlet Die?  I love the look of it and realized that it is quite versatile.  You can trim away different parts to change the look depending on your project.  I made several and trimmed them to come up with 7 different doilies.  Hummmm, which one do I like the best? 

You can use the cut away part too.  I'm thinking these would be great for stamped images punched with a round punch or as a picture frame on a scrapbook page.  What can I say, my mom was raised during the depression and she instilled in me a desire not to waste anything.  After all the work cutting, punching out the little pieces and trimming the image down it would be a shame to waste the time spent or paper used to cut these doilies.

Did I mention how much I like this die?

Did I mention that Sale-a-Bration starts Tuesday?

I love my job!  Stampin' Up is a great company to work for.  I love so many things about how they run the company and how they treat their demonstrators.  I hear there are some good changes coming up, I can't wait to see what they are.  Stay tuned  :~) 


Linda said...

I would love to know how you are managing to get clean cuts. I bought this die and can't get it to cut clean. I've tried using a shim and can hardly get it to go thru the Big Shot and still doesn't cut all the way thru. It won't work on my Cuttlebug at all. I love the look but will probably return it unless I can find out how to make it cut right.

elaine said...

Linda, I use the standard sandwich for the Paper Doily die but I add a piece of cardstock between the back of the die and the clear pad to give it a little extra height. Different machines are tighter or more loose so you might need more. I saw where someone took a piece of aluminum flashing (like they use for chimneys) and used that but she had to add a layer of the Mulitpurpose Adhesive Sheet with only one side of the backing paper peeled off to give it a little more thickness. Experiment and see what you come up with that works with your machine.

Anonymous said...

I Love your Work ...I need these doilies, I'n mexican designer. How much ? My e-mail

Colorado Crafter said...

I'm so glad I happened upon your post about this doily die. I have it and thank goodness I have not had as much trouble as some people have had cutting it out. It didn't work as well as all my other Sizzlit dies, but it was so pretty I kept it and will put up with it's problems. My mother was also a child of the depression era and I have that same "don't waste ANYTHING" mentality. Sometimes I wish I didn't! LOL!! But, I know I have so much more in the long run because of it. So sad more people now days don't have at least a little of that attitude.

pat said...

Thanks.Good info.

Maggie Montoya said...

Run your die like normal, don't try and take it out. Use 4 new dryer sheets folded in half and then run your die again with the dryer sheets underneath. The die cut will stick to the dryer sheets and pillow off easily. Lots of tutorials on YouTube.