Saturday, January 30, 2010


We got a big snowfall last night for this part of the country. Hey, when we lived in Alaska this would have been nothing but in middle TN, it is major! I wish the grandkids were here to play in it so I could do a layout with them but I'll have to settle for the empty tricycle and the birds. I wanted to post pictures of the snow but didn't want to put too many pictures but then I remembered that I could quickly do a layout in MDS and post 6 pictures in the layout! So - quick and easy, here it is:
We have 3 of those bird feeders in the kitchen window. Sometimes nearly all of the 18 perches are filled with little birds. I love watching them. I especially love seeing the cardnials on a winter day. They are so striking in contrast to the snow. I've had to restart my computer 3 or 4 times today trying to get the layout posted. I'm blaming it on the snow. I reckon I'll stamp today, I'm sure not getting out on the roads!
We have an outdoor cat, actually a stray who wandered up about 5 or 6 years ago and likes it here. When I went out to feed him today he looked like he wasn't enjoying walking through the snow, dragging his belly on it. We let him come in and he ate and seems happy. I put a rug down for him to lay on but he just stays on the kitchen floor. At least he's warm. He doesn't normally want to come inside but is just laying there like it is an everyday thing now. I wonder if the birds feel safer.
BTW, there is something new on my sidebar. My crafty daughter has a blog where she is showcasing some of her creations. It is the first blog under the owl, 3 Little Pigs creations. She is always finding fun things to make and I think many of you will enjoy visiting her blog.


Mike and Wendy said...

Thanks for mentioning me! :)
I think Easton actually recognized everything. The picture with the tricycle, albeit a little sad, was interesting. It was creative photographically speaking. I don't know if I'm getting my point across, but anyway, I like it!

Angela said...

Very pretty!