Monday, January 4, 2010

Another layout with Sweet Pea paper and Blog Candy Clue

I've been creating with the Sweet Pea Paper Stack again. I loved these pictures my daughter took of the grandkids and wanted to go with pink and blue which was so easy with the paper stack. I also used cardstock and designer paper for the flowers. I punched with the 1 3/4, 1 3/8 and 1" circle punches for the flowers and roughed up the edges. I used the brown corduroy brads for the centers of the flowers and added 8 pink brads around one of the flowers. I just used a glass to draw a cricle a little bigger than the 1 3/4" circle and folded it in half, again in half and again and again until I had 8 layers. Then I put the circle down and pierced the edge of each line so they were even. I think they would have looked fine if they weren't lined up so carefully but I'm a freak about things like that. It is very hard for me to make layouts that aren't perfectly balanced. I think they look great but it is hard for me to do them.

I have gotten a correct answer to my question as to why I would be offering blog candy. I said in my original post that I would draw from all the correct answers that I got by my birthday on Wednesday so you still have time to try again to get it right. Are you begging me for another hint?? OK, I'd say 129 is a pretty good number for a slacker at heart like me.

I'm working on another layout with the Sweet Pea paper. With so many beautiful patterns and colors it is so fun to work with! Maybe I'll get it finished to post soon. Right now I need to go see why my red headed woodpecker is hanging out on my greenhouse window. I don't think there is any wood there but he seems to want to be there for some reason. He knows that isn't the window where I feed all the birds. When I get my windows cleaned I'll post some pictures of them. We go through a lot of sunflower seeds around here! Whoever coined the pharse "eats like a bird" didn't know what they were talking about!


Holly said...

Your blogs for last year?

Tory said...

Happy Blog-o-versary.

dawnd said...

I can't figure out the answer but just wanted to take a minute and say I LOVE this layout - I love the colors and those flowers are very cute! Thanks for sharing!!