Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shabby Chic Flower Pins

Shelli Gardner, the founder of Stampin' Up showed how to make these fabric flower pins at convention last summer. I loved them but didn't have the die needed to cut the flowers so I hadn't been able to make them. I finally got the die and figured out how to make the pins. I'm going to a craft fair tomorrow so I made a lot of them.

Now I'm debating. Should I shabby them up or leave them as they are? The pin on the left is how they look when I finish making them. The one on the right was washed and dried to fray it out some. I like them both and I guess they will all become frayed eventually so maybe I should do it now so people won't have the little threads all over their coats.

I'm not sure how many I've made the past couple of days while I've been home sick with some kind of virus. I had already made 5 or 6 and now I have about 2 dozen. I also need to figure out what a fair price is to ask for them.

If you live near Clarksville, TN, I'm going to do a class on how to make them so watch for my newsletter with the class details. I think they will make a perfect Christmas gift for so many people on your Christmas list. I meant to use the smallest flower on the die to make little clips for hairbows but didn't buy the clips yet. If I get any of them made I'll have to buy the clips on the way to the craft fair! I can stitch them on while I'm sitting there waiting for customers to stop at my booth.

I should have finished the newsletter by Dec 1 because I haven't finished the projects that I want to add to it. December always proves to be a crazy-busy month. I love Christmas and all the fun, decorations, parties and gifts but being the procrastinator that I am I never finish all the things I want to do. I'm hoping to get the newsletter out Saturday afternoon if not before.

One last thing - what do you think I'm fixing to do in this picture?


Diana said...

I think your going to put a eyelet on something, I see a eyelet in your hand and the eyelet setter in the picture, btw thank you for my flower pin, I love it.


The Wheeler 5 said...

those are cool. i don't know when i'll be out to tn next, but maybe i can convince you to show me how to make them.

Angela said...

Some type of dental procedure on your hubby? laugh

Jane Giggy said...

Your shaby Chic flower pins are great! I've made tons myself. Love them!

It looks like you are getting ready to attach an eyelet to a Christmas Tag?

Lauren said...

Making curtains? Are you putting the eyelet in that fabric?

I love the flowers!