Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hybrid Card, Way to Go!

I made another hybrid card using Stampin' Up's digital program. Have I ever told you how much I love that program??? I have another project I'm working on that I am really excited to finish. I'll be sharing that soon.
Today's share needed to be a special card. It is for the Seminary students who completed their reading, memorization and had good attendance, etc for the first quarter of the school year. It didn't seem like Congratulations would be the right sentiment since the requirements benefit them and are all things they should be doing anyway. I remembered the balloon stamp in the Sweet Treats set and thought about using the balloon for the "O" in Way to Go.
I printed out Way to G ! in MDS and added the "All Abord" image in the corner. I printed one out to make sure the space for the O would be big enough. It was the right height but I hadn't put enough spaces between the G and the exclaimation point. I added a few more spaces and it was the right size. I printed off 4 per page and cut them into 4 X 5 1/4" squares. I had to eventually trim them a bit smaller to punch the circle in the card part though. I stamped the basket and added the Sweet Treat cups. I think they will like getting the candy along with their cards.
I thought of 2 tips for saving paper while I was making these cards. I had a scrap left from trimming the red cardstock that was just big enough to punch the Round Tab Punch from. Problem, there was not enough of a scrap for me to hold onto a corner to get it centered in the punch. I took another scrap and placed a bit of adhesive on it. I adhered that to the scrap and was able to fit it into the punch with no problem.

Another option if you don't have a scrap big enough to punch the desired shape, punch it from a part of your card or scrapbook page that will be covered by a mat. No one will know there is a punch from under there and you will save cutting into a full piece of paper or waiting till you order more of the right color paper to finish your project!

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jEn paiGe said...

What a great tip! I am always trying to punch out small pieces! Thanks!