Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations

Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a week, I've been sooooo very busy the past week!  I had 110 baby shower invitations to make, a prom dress for my niece and all of my kids were here as well as all 5 of my grandchildren so I'm not sure how I'm thinking a sane thought about now!

I made several sample cards for the baby shower and they picked the one they wanted. The colors were pink and brown.  Of course, they didn't pick the most simple card! I did have some friends help me put the invitations together so that helped a lot. Here are the samples.

This is the option they chose.  We did some with the treat cups as shown on the right (I didn't put any candy in my sample) and some without a treat cup like the card on the left. 

These would have been much quicker and easier, simple but nice.

 I couldn't resist making another duck.  Doesn't she look adorable in pink?
 This one was made with the onsies wheel.  Another quick and easy card.
Does this one look familiar?  I posted one in blue a couple of months ago.
Well it's late, I reckon I better head to bed.  I've got another busy day tomorrow.  They are all busy - sigh-


Penny Hanuszak said...

Elaine these cards are all gorgeous. The mother to be is very lucky indeed. My favourites if I were choosing are the last two. Clean and simple. the little duck just made me chuckle. She's so adorable. Take care of yourself after all that hectic activity! TFS.

maddy said...

These are awesome! absolutely loved them.Thanks for sharing!

Baby shower Invitations