Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

December is filled with decorating and shopping, planning and sharing, creating and stressing.  But when it comes down to it, all the frills add to the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Too bad we sometimes loose sight of the reason for the season.  We get so involved with giving the perfect gift that we forget the original perfect gift. 

Here are 2 Christmas cards.  First is one I designed with My Digital Studio using the Come To Bethlehem stamp brush set.  I love the simplicity of the set, it is beautiful and conveys the message I wanted to share for my Christmas cards.

Second is a card I got last week.  Many of you know that I send boxes of cards to soldiers fighting the war in Afganistan and Iraq several times a year.  I design cards and make kits for 19 more of each design and my friends and I make them.  When we have made about 280 cards there are enough to fill a large Priority box and we find a soldier to send them to who can share them with his company or chaplain so that soldiers have cards to send home.  Before Thanksgiving I sent a box of just Christmas cards.  This is one of the cards I got back in the mail last week.  It is always good to hear back from the soldiers that they appreciated and used the cards.  There isn't that much I can do to help with the war effort but making the cards makes me feel like I'm helping at least a little.

This is a family movie night gift basket I made.  I found the cute popcorn bucket at the Dollar Tree, great price!  I just had to add the Stampin' Up touch and dress up all the candy bars as Santa.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Angela said...

I purchased the same bucket and I fill it with treats for the sisters I visit. Great minds think alike...laugh