Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Tags

It is a cold morning with snow promised for the afternoon.  Here in TN it is unusual for us to have teen and single digit temperatures or snow in Dec.  That weather usually waits until mid Jan-Feb.  That's why I'm taking a cruise then.  I'm wishing I had planned the cruise for this week!

Anyway, as I'm snuggled up in my warm cozy house I played with the MDS program this morning and designed some tags to print out for Christmas presents.  They were quick and easy.  The most time consuming thing was getting the white circle punches the right size to fit in the brads to look like a hole!  I used the tag punch and filled it with patterned paper, most of it I made more opaque so the stamp would show up better.  For these I had to add a white tag behind it to keep the red or green from showing through, although some of them looked pretty good with it showing through before I changed them.

So, what do you think?  I made them bigger than the tag punch so I will have to cut them out but I used the grid tool to line them up on the page so I can cut them out with the trimmer.  Yeah, I like to make it easier whenever I can!

I have made some "paper" tags but I left my camera at a friend's house so until I get it back these will have to do.  My husband and I also decorated the Christmas tree last night.  It is always fun to look at the ornaments and remember all the years we have celebrated Christmas.  I was pointing out to him some of the ornaments I made the first year we were married.  We were both in college and didn't have a dime to spare so I made the ornaments for our tree which we got from beside a dumpster when the students in the single student dorms went home.  Now that is seriously poor!  The little felt and pompom ornaments are kind of mishapen now but I love them.

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