Sunday, March 8, 2009

Such Concentration!

I love these pictures I took of the grandkids Friday night. They were over here and, naturally wanted to play with grandma's "toys". I had been putting the layout together for my class Thursday night and the supplies were in the kitchen.

They looked so serious about their project. Christina kept saying she wanted to use the Big Shot machine so they both had fun with that. Then they had to have lots of adhesive to attach the diecuts to their page.

Notice the date on the bottom picture? I need to figure out how to reset it, none of my grandkids were even born in 2000!


Holly said...

They were definitely loving every minute of it. They are loving being able to go to Grandma's house and stay to play or even sleep over.

Lauren said...

I've wanted to have Cassidy do some crafty things with me, but I'm not really sure what to do. I definitely don't want her abusing my stuff! Do you have any specific ideas or recommendations on projects to do with little ones (or things to avoid)?

Angela said...

Bring your camera sometime and I will attempt to change the date. They do look so serious. How precious!

Holly said...


If you don't want Cassidy to deplete your supply just buy a glue stick and paper that she can cut. They have kid safe scissors that she can use. Christina loves to cut up paper and create with it. They also love stamping. They love making cards for friends and family for birthdays. I will sometimes just throw stuff on the table and let them go for it. Get a box that you can throw things in for her to be creative with. Pom pom balls, Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners construction paper. Just anything that you can think of and she knows this stuff is hers. At our Walmart they will occasionally have stuff like that in the clearance isle. If I see stuff like that I will buy it then for them to play with. You would be amazed at what they come up with when they are allowed to just play with whatever is in front of them.

Make sure that you explain to her that the box you have given her is her stuff and that you things are off limits without permission.

Hope that this is helpful. You might look at dollar stores for things that would be really cheap for her.

The Wheeler 5 said...

i get together with some girls one thrusdays, we call is our craft day. anyway, the boys love to scrapbook for themselves. i found some cheap 6x6 albums and since i always print too many pictures they get the extras for their book. then whatever scraps and stickers they can find.

MARIE said...

They are so cute!! They look like they had fun with you.