Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter is coming!

I love Easter for many reasons. Of course, the first and most important is that this is when my Savior made it possible for me to gain a great place in Heaven! That's what it is all about after all. After that there are a bunch of less important reasons like spring is here! I love spring. I love the flowers blooming and trees and grass turning green again. It seems the older I get the longer winter is and the more I look forward to the warmer days of spring.

I also love the baby animals. Little chicks, bunnies and lambs are so cute and are fun to use to represent the new life. I like the pastel colors that bring to mind a new Easter dress, which reminds me, I need to go shopping for a new dress. Being a chocolaholic, Easter candy is another reason to love spring. Somehow it seems my favorite candy changes every year. What I was loving last year didn't taste so wonderful this year and what was wonderful the year before last wasn't floating my boat last year. Just me or does the candy change??

OK, on to the cards. Actually, I don't have cards but a box and a bag to post tonight. I wanted the Top Note die since I first saw it and bags like this one are one of the reasons why. I'll be posting some cards soon that will have you drooling over that die too. It was in the layout I did for the March club also. I posted the layout on Friday.

For the little bag I folded a pink die lengthwise and used punches for the ears and face. Then I stapled it onto a bag of jelly beans. I'm thinking it would look better with pastel M&M's.

The box is using the Scalloped Envelope die. I cut 4 of them and cut off one side flap of each. Then I adhered the other flap to the inside of the next envelope die until they were all together in a square. I folded the bottoms in and adhered them and folded 3 sides out.

I cut the bunny's head using the oval coluzzle template. I cut flowers and the bird from Raspberry Tart Designers Series paper and used punches to add the feet, ears and face. Notice the ears, yes, we have a scalloped oval punch!!! It will be available on April 1st. It works with the large oval punch as shown in the ears and it also fits nicely inside the wide oval punch. I just love it when things work together!

I used brads for the eyes and nose and flower centers. I didn't put any wiskers on but maybe he needs them.I still think he is cute, cute, cute!

I saw simular projects on the internet that I copied and added my touches but I can't remember where right now. I'm thinking one is named Susan. I'll have to check and post a link for you to see her work too.

BTW, Ashley, I got the quilt you sent today and I love it! You did a great job. I like the card too. They really made my day. Thanks!


Angela said...

Oh Elaine...they are adorable. Would you be willing to sell kits to those of use who don't have the new punches or the cutting system yet? You are so creative!

elaine said...

Hummmm, kits would be a good idea!