Thursday, March 19, 2009

Matting a Whole Layout

I posted the layout above on the left a few days ago where I matted the whole scrapbook page. This is a nice look for your page but could use a lot of extra paper since nearly an entire sheet of paper is hidden under the mat. Many of you have done this before and already know what I'm going to teach in this post but for the ones who never have, here is how to save the paper:

In the picture above I have the background (white) paper in the trimmer. I put it in 1 inch into the trimmer and cut from 1" to 11". DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY TO THE ENDS! If you look closely you can see where I cut the first 2 sides of the cardstock.

When you trim all 4 sides you have an 11X11 inch square cut out of the middle. This can be used to mat pictures or for other page elements. This is what I used for the mats under the cupcakes in the layout above.

Now put the paper that you are planning to be in front of the page (green) into the trimmer. Cut one inch off one side and turn the page 1/4 th a turn and cut one inch off that side. Now the paper will be 11X11 inches square. Put adhesive on the back around all sides and center on the background 12X12 inch frame.

You will have a 1/2 inch border around your page. If you want a smaller border, cut the front piece (green) down by 1/4" on the 2 sides instead of 1/2". If you want a larger border, cut more off, like an inch off the 2 sides.

I don't know how my paper got so wrinkled but my 14 month-old granddaughter has been visiting and she is into EVERYTHING! We will blame it on her (like we have pretty much everything else this week).

This is the back of the page. It is best when adhering the 2 papers together to put the adhesive on the smaller (green) paper. If you put it on the background paper you may put it too far out into the border area and then you will have to clean it off, plus, it won't be over where you need it to hold the 2 papers together.

Clear as mud? LMK if you have questions. If you are still reading, I think you deserve some blog candy. I will choose from everyone who posts a comment and the winner will get a set of 5 fantastic homemade cards!


The Wheeler 5 said...

i have done this before, it is such a smart technique! thanks for posting all the little things too!

Mike and Wendy said...

Wow! Nice clear pictures! :)
I noticed on your traffic feed that you've had visitors from Brazil, France and Serbia! Cool!

BTW, did you know your background is fall themed?

Oh, and 'little girl' is insulted that you would think she would do a thing like wrinkle your paper!

elaine said...

You must have looked while I was on and noticed nearly everyone was from a different country. It was so cool to see all those flags there. I wish they would leave comments too!

I can't even see a background. I tried to change it the other day because I had shamrocks on it but now I just see pink.

The Judd's said...

I loved your tips and tricks. Awesome. :) I am also glad that you didn't burn yourself! :) What a relief! Kudos!! Thanks for sharing!