Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dry Embossing Technique

Here is a card I'm making for a swap. The only thing I did at the crop Saturday was make 3 of these cards. Very productive, huh? Hey remember, I also taught a totally goofed up class!

Have you ever done dry embossing? Some dry embossing uses a brass template. The straight lines on the pink cardstock at the bottom of this card is done using my trimmer, hey cool, something we already have! You could use the scoring blade with your trimmer but I always push too hard and tear my paper so I use the bone folder and just push my blade all the way to the top out of the way. Actually, sometimes I take the blade all the way off so if I get distracted I won't accidentally grab it and cut the paper instead of score it!

The picture looks amazingly normal even though I had to hold my camera upside down to take it with my left hand. Oh, the things we do for our blogs! I had to flip the picture when I edited it.

I am making 15 of these cards for a swap so I embossed some whole sheets of cardstock and cut it into 8 strips measuring 5 1/2 X 4 1/8. I attached a strip to the bottom of a white card front and inked it. Be sure the ridges are up when you adhere it. When you ink the embossed strips it looks like bead board, I really like it. I found it easier to ink the strips after I adhered them to the larger piece.

I think I showed in a previous post how to punch using a border punch. It is so easy when you can line it up and match the design with the printed design on the punch.

I also found it easier to ink the punched eyelet border piece after I had attached it to the inked patterned paper.

When you use a stamp set with a punch you just stamp the image and then insert it into the punch holding the punch upside down. Then you can see the image and line it up so you can punch it where you want it.

An easy way to get a knot on your card is to attach the ribbon around the back and take a small strip and just tie it around the attached ribbon. I used green on this card but I also used the black gingham on some of them which you can see in the picture at the top. I can't decide which color I like best, what do you think? I wonder how pink would look - overkill or perfect??? Maybe I'll do that tomorrow when I will hopefully have time to finish the swaps.

Gotta run! I hope you enjoy this card, even with the terrible photography! I'll have to retake several of the pictures tomorrow.


Lauren said...

I wish I were that creative. And that you lived nearby to show me how to do this, because reading it just isn't the same. I have a scrapbook night planned soon--maybe I'll give it a try then!

Angela said...

Cool techique. I think you could use a light pink like Stampin Up's Pink Pirouette. You are so creative! Keep em' coming. I look forward to checking your blog everyday!