Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stamp meeting Saturday

I went to a Stampin' Up team meeting Saturday and we learned a lot and did some fun projects. We also did a card swap. One of the things my upline did was give us part of a birthday scrapbook kit and told us to do 2 pages in 15 minutes. Panic!!! Talk about pouring on the stress. My brain seemed to immediately drain of all creativity! I managed to put 2 pages together that aren't great but weren't half bad either. I'll plead temporary insanity.
We didn't have ribbon, buttons or brads so they are a bit plainer than my usual but hey, I discovered you can do pages without those things. On the other hand, I'll probably add some when I add pictures.

On the second layout I made a border with the white paper and layered green on top of it. If you cut out the middle of the bottom (white) layer you will save paper. A lot of you probably already know how to do this but I thought I'd show how to do it for the ones who have never tried this.

First, I put the paper I'm using for the piece behind (white) in the trimmer, 11" in and cut from 1" down to the 11" mark. You don't cut all the way through the piece, leave an inch at the top and the bottom of the page connected. I turn it a quarter of a turn and keep turning it and cutting until all 4 sides are cut. I hope that makes sense. You should have a 10X10 square cut out of the center of your cardstock. Then instead of that large piece of cardstock being hidden by the top cardstock, you can use it elsewhere on your page like I did the background squares for the cupcake stickers.

For the top piece, decide how wide you want your border to be. On the white with green layout I made the border 1/2". For the 1/2" border, cut 1" off of the top and one side of your second piece of cardstock. For a 1/4" border, only cut 1/2" off the top and side of it.

Put adhesive around the outside edges of the second (green) piece of cardstock and center it on the 12X12 frame (white) piece.

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Lauren said...

15 minutes?! What? I would never be able to do it that fast. I have a theory about mom's attention spans being in direct correlation with their children's attention spans. Thus, I have the attention span of a three year old. Doesn't make scrapbooking easy, let me tell you. :)