Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas Card Stamp a Stack Tuesday, Halloween Classes Coming Up!

I can't believe that I totally forgot to post about my Christmas Card Class that is tomorrow (Tuesday).  Well, these days I can believe that I forgot pretty much everything because it happens so often!  Here are the details and a picture:

Christmas Card Stamp A Stack, Tuesday, Oct 2
Get an early start on your handmade Christmas cards!
 In this class you will make 3 each of 4 different designs,
a dozen cards to get a start on all those cards you want to send.
 Class meets in the morning at 10:00 or in the evening at 6:30, sign up for the one that fits your schedule the best.
Cost is $20, that is less than $2.00 each! 
 I will have the paper pre-cut so you get the fun of stamping and putting the cards together without measuring anything.
Wow, sorry for the terrible picture.  I have to get a new camera soon, my cell phone just doesn't do these cards justice!

Other classes in October: 

Halloween is coming! Come to my
Halloween Cards and treats class
and make 6 cards, 3 each of 2 designs as well as the cutest little
 Halloween purse you've ever seen! All of this for the amazingly low price of $15.
Monday, Oct 15 at 10 AM
On October 23 I will have a Halloween Treats class
10:00 AM
 Come create amazing Halloween treats to share with your friends and families!
 We will make 5 great projects; bags and boxes and even little purses to hold
Halloween treats as well as a great idea for those mini hand sanitizer bottles.
 I'm really excited that I have some push pop containers that we will use to make a
fun layered Halloween treat in.   
All these fun projects for the low price of $15 per student
email  me to sign up for any of these classes, wrightplace4 @ mindspring dot com
I love the Holidays!  I get excited to decorate and use all the fun ideas I come across to make these Winter months fun and pass faster.  I really don't like the cold weather but since I have to stay inside to avoid it I'm so glad I can craft and create to help time pass. 
My reconstruction of my stamp room is finished.  I've been unpacking all the things I've had packed up and stored in other rooms.  I hope I can organize things so I can find things easier.  Organization isn't one of my strengths.  If I have a place for everything I reckon that I can usually remember to put everything back in it's place though.  I'll take more pictures soon to show you the difference.  The before pictures are very scary, kind of like Halloween  :~)

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