Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Few Puch Art Cards

I've had a busy few days, a quick trip to Memphis to visit my son and daughter-in-law where we rode horses, went to a fun place called Incredible Pizza that had yummy pizza as well as an amazing game area.  We played laser tag, black light golf, ski-ball, rode go carts and bumper cars and bowled.  The kids won some fun toys after all of us pooled our tickets.  Yesterday morning I helped my daughter-in-law do a scrapbook page from a leftover page kit.  She decided she wanted to learn to scrapbook and my son (bless his heart) is fully supportive.  He knows what she is getting into since he remembers me scrapbooking from the time he was in Middle School. 

Other than helping her with that layout and cutting card stock for my card class that will be Tuesday I haven't had time to work on anything new.  I love punch art though and thought I would share some of the punch art cards from the project boards at the regional Stampin' Up meeting in Chattanooga last month.  First is half of a board full of punch art cards.  I love all the designs people can come up with using our punches. 
After driving home from Memphis yesterday I had a crop last night and then a meeting this morning from 9-12 and a Bridal shower from 12-3 and a baby shower from 3-5 and our yearly barn dance started at 7.  Whew!  Who planned EVERYTHING for the same day anyway!  Since the barn dance included a hay ride I thought I would include pictures of these cute tractor punch cards. 
I don't know if the same person made them, they both seem to use the same punches in the same way so they probably are.  They are very cute, I love the pink one and the Green one reminds me of my brothers.  They have lots of tractors, probably between 15 and 20 and we only have 35 acres!  I reckon you need several since different tractors are best for different jobs. 

Besides the tractors, I snapped the dog with an upside down heart for the muzzle and nose, I'm guessing his ears may be half of a heart and his arms are the wide short heart from the punch with 3 hearts on it.  Such a clever use of those punches!

I reckon I better hit the hay, and not all those bales of hay stacked in the barn we had the barn dance in.  It has been a long few days and I'm tired!

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