Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Convention Swaps

First of all, here are the stamp sets I got at the Stampin' Up convention.  The 4 cases on the bottom row are the ones we got in our convention bag and used for the projects we did in our Make-n-take sessions.  There are actually 3 sets but one has such large stamps that it needs 2 cases.  The ones in the middle with the package of Orchard Harvest Designer Series Paper are the ones I won from the Prize Patrol.  Again, it is one stamp set but it takes 2 cases.  The other 3 are sets they gave everyone at the last session of the convention.  I was sure glad I stayed until the end! 
Now, on to swap cards.  I made this card using The Open Sea stamp set.  It had lots of layers and tying all those bows on was kind of a pain but worth it, they finished off the cards nicely.

It would be impossible to pick one favorite from all the cards I got in return for mine.  Here are a few that I just really like.

Jean Nauta

Lana Van Dorn

                                                                          Julie Link
Robin VanDerMoere

Patty Pence

I took a couple of hundred pictures today - with my I phone :~O  I guess my digital camera is officially dead, the lens won't even come out for me to take pictures.  I knew it wouldn't be much longer.  A new camera goes to the top of my list.  Guess what I bought today, something that had been on my list for a year or more but moved to the top when I was looking at the apples waaaaayyyy up in my apple tree.  Yep, an apple picker.  I didn't get a picture of it but it is like a cage at the end of a long pole.  I will be able to reach those perfect apples way up that look so good but I had to wait for them to fall and get bruised to get to them.  I reckon I need to get out there and pick those apples tomorrow! 

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