Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Convention Fun

One of my best friends' birthday was last week while I was at the Stampin' Up Convention.  I wish I could have been home to take her out for lunch or something.  I called her and sang Happy Birthday to her.  My daughter thinks that is cruel and unusual punishment but she seemed to enjoy knowing that I was thinking of her on her birthday.  I wish I had made her a card like this one from one of the shoebox swaps and mailed it to her.  Wouldn't that have been lots better than me singing???
The front of the card is nice but pretty normal looking.  It is the same size of most cards, A2.  Open it up a little and you notice that it is a bit different inside but the best is yet to come . . . 
It has an accordion fold in the middle that lets it fold out into this fun greeting.  See, wouldn't it make you feel special if someone sent you a card like this one?
Here is another shoebox swap that was nice.  There were 3 of the little battery operated tea lights in this and they glowed through the stamped vellum windows of the box.  Very nice.  The Open Sea stamp set is great for so many projects and I'd say it was perfect for this one!
Last is a picture of Sherrill Graff and I in front of the Late Night Stampers owl tree.  She is the one who organizes the pre-convention activities.  She also gives lots of prizes, I won a few, yay!
I need to get the pictures from convention more organized. These were from my cell phone, I'm always surprised at how decent the pictures are that I take with it.  My camera has been causing me problems so it is nice to have the cell phone to back me up.  I reckon my best bet is to buy a new camera though.

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