Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heading Home from Convention

Hey everyone, guess where I am.  Nope, not Salt Lake City.  Nope, not home - yet.  I'm in Dallas.  I have a 2 hour 40 minute layover so I am trying to take advantage of the time and post again.  Although last week was wonderful in every way I was so busy I didn't get a chance to post as often as I planned to and I was soooo tired from going all day and not getting to bed until after midnight many nights.

I am posting a few of the projects we did at stamp camp.  Ignore the dates on the pictures, my camera was acting up and kept changing the date on me.  I'm thinking it needs to be replaced VERY soon!  It did manage to get me through the convention though so I won't talk too bad about it.  First is a bright, cheerful card with a clever fold that will be featured in one of my classes soon, it is so cool!  This one uses the Mixed Bunch stamp set which has a matching punch (I love when they do that!)  called Blossom.  You can see the pattern in the background, it is a little tricky but worth figuring it out. 

The next card is made the same way and uses the same punch but instead of stamping it they embossed it.  Add some butterflies, Antique brads and Basic Pearls and it will be a much easier card to make than it looks like.  Either way, the person who gets this card will feel so special that you took the time to make them a great card, won't they.  It is one of the cards on a display board at the convention.  There were so many great ideas there, I took over 500 pictures!

 This is another stamp camp project, a beautiful explosion box.  I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the butterfly in the middle is "floating" above the lattice die.  He is actually attached to a Window Sheet strip that is looped through the middle of the die.  It is a great idea.
Last, let me share a shoebox swap card with you.  I should have written down everyone's name and what project they did so I would know who to credit for these projects.  If you know, let me know so I can give them credit for their great work.  I love the bright Summer Smooches paper that is used on this card.  She showed us how to fold the oragami butterfly and cut the diagonal front, both combine to make this a great card.  It is easier to make than it looks too! 

Well, I reckon I better pack my computer away and get ready to board the plane for the final part of my trip.  It has been a wonderful trip in every way but it will be good to be home!  I'll see yall in a couple of days.  I have a room to paint and grandchildren to visit when I get home.  Oh, and my husband says it has rained a lot and he hasn't done much weeding in the garden.  I am trying not to imagine how badly it is overgrown after 10 days!

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