Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beautiful Paper Flowers

The displays at the Stampin' Up convention were amazing!  There were lots of beautiful flower arrangements made out of  paper.  Some people can do wonderful things with paper!  Here are a few arrangements that I really liked.
With 3 vases, a picket fence and a butterfly, this pastel arrangement screams Spring, doesn't it?  I love her attention to detail and the embossing on the pots too.
 This little patriotic bouquet is just adorable. The white embossed doilies on the box really caught my attention.  I wish they had photographed better.
I love these stacked boxes that are reminiscent of a wedding cake.  The color scheme is a great one too.  Wouldn't it be fun to put different presents in each of the boxes!
This beautiful wreath had hundreds, possibly thousands of tiny punched flowers.  The creator did a great job of putting them together in this unusual wreath.  I wonder how her carpal tunnel is doing . . .

No, these picture weren't taken in 2003.  My camera was acting up and kept changing the date. I wonder if I will ever get around to making a similar flower arrangement.  I would love to but I've been so busy lately I don't reckon it will happen soon.  I'm leaving Monday to go to GA for my grandson's birthday.  He is going to be turning 7 and has the cutest freckles ever!  He wants to have a campout on the trampoline for his party.  I reserve the right to go inside in the middle of the night if necessary to sleep in a bed. 

Don't forget if you live in TN that next weekend (Aug 5-7) is the tax free weekend.  You can get all of Stampin' Up's adhesives and 3 different pairs of scissors tax free that weekend.  The markers and watercolor pencils and crayons are included.  It is a great time to stock up on White Signo pens and blender pens.  Since our tax rate is nearly 10% it is like getting a 10% discount on your order of necessities!  I'll post again before the weekend with a complete list of the tax-free items.

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