Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Box

I saw a tutorial for this heart box and couldn't resist trying one.  It was quick and easy but it took me several days to decide on the decoration for the top.  I wish I had seen the tutorial earlier so I could have done a class, I know my stampin' ladies would have loved to learn how to make these! 
I also made Valentine's sugar cookies today.  I used the Holidays Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamp to put the hearts on the cookies.  I chose to roll the cookie dough into balls and press the stamp into them rather than roll them out, and stamp them.  They would be a bit more uniform in roundness using a cookie cutter but this way you don't have to mess up the counter and rolling pin and cookie cutter, much less fuss.  Everyone was impressed!  I had bought some glitter gel frosting but they got eaten before I experimented with it!  I reckon I need to order the Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps before St. Patrick's day so I can be equally impressive then, and Easter is right after that so the bunny cookie stamp will soon be used in my kitchen.  I think I love the flower stamp most though.  Notice the link on my sidebar, you need some cookie stamps too!

Here is a picture of the pancakes I made for my husband today.  They were yummy!  I just made mine regular round, I was doing good to get 2 perfect heart ones!  I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day today and that you did a little something to make it special for someone else.

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