Friday, December 30, 2011

Creative Withdrawals Conqured!

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying the day, it is beautiful here, the high is supposed to be 60 so I'm planning to spend some time outside.  It has been cold ever since we got here so today will be nice.  Can you believe I didn't pack a single stamp, ink pad or piece of cardstock???  I was starting to feel some creative withdrawals.  Then I pulled up my handy MDS program on my laptop and had fun getting creative with digital.  I'd still rather do paper and ink but the MDS program is so easy and quick that I enjoy it too.  I figured, no time like the present to start layouts of my trip so here are the first 2 pages.  They show a few pictures from the flight and from going to see the lights on Temple Square that evening. 

We are having a nice visit with my husband's brother and sister and nieces and great nieces and nephews.  The funeral was very nice, every speaker talked about how my father in law served others throughout his life.  He continued right up until he couldn't speak anymore.  The nurses in the care center said that they seldom get a resident who expressed their thanks so sincerely and often.  My father in law was just like that, when he could barely speak he still let others know how much he appreciated what they did.  I'm thankful to have had his example in my life.

Have a good weekend and safely welcome in 2012!

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