Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, it's soap!

Angela was close but Kelly got the more accurate answer.  Too bad I wasn't offering a prize, huh Kelly.

One of my upcoming classes includes 3 soap-related projects.  The flower soaps will be one of them and will be packaged in the cool metal nugget tins.  Obviously I couldn't package them in paper, I wanted to use something the recipient of this gift could set on her counter to use the soaps out of.  The picture is a little dark but the red/purple/yellow assortment I showed Saturday are in the back and the box in the front has poinsettias and holly leaves.
This class will include 3 soapy gifts.  On the left are bath salts packaged in test tubes and a cute package with 2  holes punched to hold the test tubes.  Middle is the Tin with flower soaps and on the right is Christmas hand sanitizer boxes.  I found several fun scents of the hand sanitizer for you to choose from to fill the little boxes for this class.

The class will be held on Dec 6 at 2:00PM or at 7:00 PM and will cost $15.  I hope you can come and clean up!

By the way, don't let the time on the great bargains run out, they are only good till the end of the month!  Save a  lot of money whether you are shopping for digital, fabric or stamping goodies and embellishments or if you want to start a fun new career.  There surely will never be a better deal!

I played with My Digital Studio today and made a couple of layouts.  I think you will like them, I tried to explore some new digital techniques I hadn't done before.  I reckon I have probably told you how much I enjoy creating in MDS  :~)


Kelly said...

It's ok that you didn't offer a prize, but if your feeling really badly about it, I'll take some of those Poinsettia Soaps :)

Cindy said...

Makes a beautiful gift set! So pretty and well done. #271 following from Stampin Connection.

Stace said...

Since I can't make it to a class, will you be having a tutorial?