Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St Patrick's Layout

OK, so we are a week past St. Patrick's Day. I made this layout with Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio. I used the pictures and journaling from the post on my daughter's blog on March 17th and I haven't gotten around to posting it yet. I love the excitement on the grandchildren's faces as they experienced the magic their parents planned for them.

The first page shows them setting up a trap to catch the leprechaun and includes a picture of the baby with that wonderful green wig. Page 2 shows the leprechaun's hat he left in the trap and the green shamrock shaped pancakes they had for breakfast that morning. Holidays can be so much fun with little ones around!

It probably took longer to do the shamrock border at the bottom of the pages than the rest of the layout combined. I tend to be a perfectionist about things like that and took a while tilting the shamrocks different directions. At least I could group them after I made the first one and cut and past them on the second page! It probably took about 20 minutes to do the whole layout.

I couldn't resist taking my camera with me to get the mail today. I took pictures of the row of buttercups along the driveway and the rose bush that is leafing out as well as the redbud tree and forcithia bush that are beginning to bloom. I also took pictures of the blue bells and purple and white hyacinthus.

I don't love every sign of Spring though. I killed the first wasp of Spring tonight. I have a huge fear of wasps and other stinging bugs. It's from a childhood trauma when I was about 6. We were outside playing and 8 bees got under my shirt. They were stinging me over and over as I ran across the yard trying to get away from them. My mom heard me screaming and ran to the door to see what was wrong. What she saw was my big brother chasing after me. That particular brother (yes, those of you who know him, it was Eddie) was known to irritate his little sister so Mom thought he was just "bugging" me again. He had seen the bees fly all over me and knew he had to rip my shirt off to let them out so they would stop stinging. I have been terrified of stinging insects ever since.

BTW, I didn't take a picture of the wasp after I cut him in half. That was my Mom's method of killing wasps and it works real well (as long as you are careful not to get stung).

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Mike and Wendy said...

The kids loved seeing themselves.

Wish I was there to see the buttercups. We're planning to go to the botanic gardens. They have this large hill/field called 'daffodil hill'. It's in bloom right now. I can't wait to see it. I've been trying to get there for a couple of years now. So, maybe I'll have some more pics for you soon.

I can't believe Easter is in less than 2 weeks! I hate it when it's so early! It throws me off! I guess I better get on the ball, huh?!