Friday, August 14, 2009

Stampin' Up Convention

I got back from the convention Tuesday night, so late that it was actually Wednesday morning by the time I got to bed! Yesterday and today were spent catching up and doing laundry, shopping and mowing. After the excitement of the convention it's kind of a let down, although it is great to be back home.

Now for a couple of convention highlights. I went to a pre-convention swap called a Shoe Box Swap. That is where everyone designs a project and puts everything needed to make it in a plastic shoe box along with the sample for the swap participants to copy. I used the card I posted last week as my project. Here are some pictures of other projects, I got some great ideas from this swap.

The convention is so well-organized that it is amazing. It seems like they thought of EVERYTHING! Well, except for the tiny napkins we got with lunch everyday. That's my only complaint.
When you go into the doors of the convention center they had the theme of the convention, "Create, Inspire, Share" cut from the vinyl like the Decor Elements are made out of and on the second set of doors there were huge graphics like stamp sets also cut out of the vinyl. It was such a fun welcome to the convention!
There were over 3000 demonstrators at the convention this year. It is amazing to me how well everyone can see (2 jumbo-trons on each side of the stage) and participate in all the activities and projects. Where we ate lunch everyday was called "The Gathering Place" and there were lots of projects and ideas for us to see there. They had dozens of these black display boards set up and people walked around each set taking pictures. The panels were done in color schemes so they looked great, without colors clashing or distracting you.
Here is a close up of several of the cards on one of the boards and a close up of one of the shelves that had some 3-D projects. I've been editing the 117 pictues like crazy and my hands and wrists are hurting! I can't imagine some of the people who took thousands of pictures trying to edit all of them! I'll be posting more pictures but it's really late. I haven't taken a picture of the great prize I won so I need to get that on so you can see how beautiful it is. It was one of the most special prizes given so I was excited that I won.


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Congratulations on winning the gift! Can't wait to see it. Hope you have lots of ideas to share!