Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm in Salt Lake City

The Stampin' Up! Convention is this weekend in Salt Lake City. the weather is actually hotter here than inTN and the humidity is kind of high for this area. It has been stormy and very windy but very little rain. By the looks of the grass, they need the rain badly.

But on to better things, the convention! It has been great, I've seen some of the new things that will be introduced over the next few months and taken several business classes and made a lot of projects. I will have to add pictures when I get home. I didn't bring the laptop, forgetting that I would want to post to my blog and I always like to include pictures.

They also have what they call the "Momento Mall" where we can buy exclusive merchandise. Since I can't load pictures on my computer you will have to settle for word descriptions. First, I got a beautiful hoodie that has one of the prints from the Razzleberry Lemonaid DSP lining the hood. It has swirly designs and flowers on it, I can't believe how cute it is! The classrooms were warm today so I didn't have a chance to wear it :~( I also got a very cool water bottle (I could have used the water but it was empty) it was a Certainly Celery color and had the Trendy Tree designs around the bottom. Way cute! There are also some of the cloth shopping bags with a design from Circle Circus on them. They will be so much fun to take to the store to carry home groceries in. There was a lot of other stuff but my debit card has a limit!

I'll try to do another update before I come home next Tuesday. My flight doesn't get into Nashville until 10:30PM and we have another hour to drive home so it will be Wednesday before I have pictures to post. I'll have to bring my computer next time!


Holly said...

We miss you. I hope that you are having fun and enjoying visiting with the family there. Give them our love and hopefully we can see them soon.

Dalten got on the bus today for school. We are going soon to take Christina to meet her teacher and whatever else we will be doing.

Glad that you are enjoying the Convention.

Mike and Wendy said...

Grocery shopping?!
I guess that means I get to use the bag? :)

Russ said...

i wonder if we could see you? let us know! my number is (801)372-4609

Angela said...

Enjoy every minute of it. You deserve..Bring back lots of ideas for us!