Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Undefined is here! Plus a couple of scrapbook pages

One of the announcements at convention was the release of a new product called Undefined.  It is a stamp carving set so you can make your own stamp in your own design.  Very cool!  Sometimes I need to make something with a specific theme and I can't find a stamp that is exactly what I want so I'm excited about this new product.  They gave everyone a piece of the special rubber and there was a booth where you could go to use the carving tools to make a stamp but the line at the booth was always so long that I never got my stamp carved.  Here are some of the designs that were carved though.  They had a big board with paper on it that the people who waited in that long line could stamp their creation on. 

If you want to see the kit or think you would be interested in carving your own stamps, click here.

There are also some images posted on pinterest here.

I loved so many of the scrapbook pages posted on the display boards at convention!  First is a fun layout with lots of strips of DSP from the Gingam Garden paper pack.  I love the way she also cut the journaling into strips and stamped flowers on it!  I must remember that in a layout very soon.  If you look to the right of the layout you can see a tiny peek of a card that I'm definitely going to put in my next card class.  It is beautiful!  I bet you can't wait to see the whole thing.
Another fun layout was this one that had octogons and the title sewn on.  I love the look and after all, isn't this one of the reasons I have my sewing machine in my stamp room?  I need to use it on my scrapbook pages more often! 
Speaking of DSP, did you know that it is on sale through the end of July?  Yes!!!  It is Buy 3 get 1 FREE all month!  If you love our Designer Series Paper, now is a great time to get stocked up on all the new paper in our new catalog.  Have you seen the new catalog?  It's great, LMK if you need one.  The link is on the right.
I'm still in Salt Lake City.  I'm having lunch with my husband's aunt today so I am looking forward to that.  She is the only one left so it is great to still be able to hear about his dad growing up from her.  I love family stories!  They also had ancestors who crossed the plains pulling handcarts, some of them died before reaching the Salt Lake valley.  This is facinating to me, I wonder if I would have made a good pioneer . . .
Tomorrow is Pioneer Day, a state holiday in Utah.  They have a big parade and the floats are wonderful!  I got a chance to go to the expo center yesterday where they had all the floats lined up and you could walk around them and take pictures and then you could vote on your favorite.  I took pictures with my cell phone so they aren't great.  They were all wonderful floats but there was one that I felt stood out as the most beautiful float there.  It was amazing!  The theme is something about anchors so there were 6 or 7 of the floats that had boats on them, a couple of Noah's arks that had the animals carved out of big blocks of foam.  Totally amazing!
Well, it is about time to go to lunch so I reckon I better go get my shoes on.  Did you know that I have always hated to wear shoes?  I went barefooted most of the Summer when I was a girl.  I still wait till the last minute to put my shoes on.  I'll try to post again soon.  I took so many pictures of all the great ideas that I want to share.

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