Sunday, February 1, 2009

How's the Weather??

Although ice storms can be very bad, they are also beautiful. These pictures don't show it very well because it was still pretty grey outside but this is what it looked like off my deck Tuesday morning. Ignore the dates, I haven't figured out how to put the real date into my camera! I need a new one so why bother to learn, huh.

We woke up at 5:15AM and were without power for a few hours but we just threw another log on the fire and lit the lantern and visited. It was kind of nice actually, not having the tv on or anything.

We were very lucky because many of our neighbors to the North in KY are still without power nearly a week later. I'm sure we could have lasted a week without power but the cold showers would have been rough!

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The Wheeler 5 said...

it is pretty, but i'm glad it waited till be were going to get crazy! it was such nice weather while we were there.