Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Big Hole

My husband and I were up in the attic moving some boxes and clearing out some of Mom's stuff. I said something about a stack of National Geographics that we could take to recycle and went back to the other end of the attic to get another box. I heard a strange, kind of loud noise and my husband yelled. I asked if he was ok and I heard another noise and he yelled again. I thought he had fallen down the ladder!

I ran over, looking down stairs and he moaned from under the eaves. He had accidentally stepped where there was no plywood and fell through the ceiling! (don't feel bad if you are laughing, I am too) He was just hanging on the trusses by the arm pits! So, I'm standing there asking if he has broken any bones trying not to laugh even though I was worried about him being hurt and thinking about having to fix what I was sure was a huge hole in the ceiling downstairs. Dang, why didn't I take a camera up there???

Poor guy, nothing seemed broken (other than the ceiling) but I had him soak in some Epsom salts. He is limping around pretty bad now. He twisted his knee and bruised his ribs. Notice in the picture on the top that was taken from the attic, you can see the bear on the bed below. If we had known he was right over the bed it would have been easier for him to just drop on down instead of climbing out of the hole and then having to struggle down the ladder!

I wonder if he will climb back down the hole and hang by his arm pits again to let me take a picture. I guess I can settle for a picture of him on his crutches.

BTW, the hole looks MUCH bigger downstairs looking up than it did upstairs looking down.


Holly said...

Poor Dad! I feel so sorry for him. I feel bad that I laughed at his pain, it was more of the thought of him hanging up there.

elaine said...

He is feeling better. The Dr gave him crutches and that helps to keep off his leg. Of course, the ribs make it a little rough, he has to be careful when he puts the crutches under his arms. He keeps laughing about it so don't feel bad.

Mike and Wendy said...

I think Daddy should be forbidden from going to the attic anymore. It seems everytime he goes up there he gets injured! I'm glad he's okay. Have you found out how much it's going to cost to fix it?!
If Nin were still alive, I'm sure this would have done her in! Especially since it looks like it was her romm he would have fallen into!

5L's said...

oh, wow! that IS huge!! you're better than me, i would have been laughing hysterically, LOL!

elaine said...

It was right over Nin's bed so I'm sure if she were still here Friday night she wouldn't be here now! This one tops the heavy bowl smashing into his forhead by a country mile, huh?

Lauren said...

Ouch! That's crazy! I wouldn't even know what to do to fix a whole that large. Good luck!

funniemummie said...

OMG just like the scene from Christmas vacation - I hope it doesn't take too long for him to recover!