Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time For Retirement!

 You may have heard already that the Stampin' Up retiring list is available.  This is such an exciting time of year to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator!  I can barley stand it waiting to see the new stamp sets and products that will be in the new catalog.  Sometimes I'm sad when things retire because I can't show them at my workshops anymore.  It would be aggravating to be at a workshop and use a great stamp set that you love and the demonstrator says it is retired and you can't buy it from her.  So sometimes you will hear demonstrators say they are "losing" a stamp set or punch or die.  Well, I "lost" a LOT of stamp sets.  Now I'm impatiently waiting to see what I can replace all those lost sets.  Sometimes my jaw nearly hit the computer keyboard when I saw something retire that was brand new in the catalog just last year like the beautiful Lace Ribbon Border Punch that is used as an accent on these 2 cards.  It is so pretty and I was surprised it was discontinued after just appearing in 1 catalog.  The 3-step punches were also discontinued after only 1 year in the catalog.  Click here to see the whole list.
Here are before and after pictures of my stamp shelf.  The first one shows what it looked like before I pulled out the retiring sets.  A lot of them will be saved on a different shelf where I keep the retired sets that I love too much to get rid of.  Others I will give away or sell.  The second picture is what the shelf looked like after I pulled out the retiring sets.  Big difference, huh?  Look at all that space I get to fill with NEW stamp sets!  I can't wait to place my new catalog pre-order!

Since I'm showing before and after pictures, I thought I would show how much my baby chicks and ducks have grown.  What a difference 4 weeks makes for these little ones.  The ducks amazingly still peep instead of quacking, it is so funny to hear such small voices from those big guys!  One of the chicks was making a kind of cackling noise today so I reckon they will be making big girl noises instead of peeping real soon.

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