Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

I had some fun ladies come to my Easter Treats Class this week.  Boy, did we laugh a lot!  I have a squirrel who comes to my kitchen window looking for the sunflower seeds I put out for the birds in the Winter and they enjoyed seeing him.  They even named him!  I never thought to give him a name.
You can see how pleased these 3 ladies were with the projects they made.  We did a lot but the time flew by!  I loved the clear paint cans but the other projects were fun as well.  Here are the punch designs I decided on for the skinny bags.  You might recognize the bunny from the card I posted earlier.  He is coming from the front and going from behind.  The duck is the one I did last year, I just love him! 

My little chicks and ducks are growing fast, the ducks are nearly grown, their fuzz is fading with the yellow and will soon be completely white.  Still no feathers on the ducks but the chicks are completely feathered out with white feathers, except for the little black one.
For the card we used the Flower Garden embossing folder and a bit of Twitterpated DSP for the card.  I love that embossing folder, I don't know why I don't use it on EVERY card I do!  Have a happy Easter, I hope you feel the peace that Christ's victory over death can bring.

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