Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wow, what a busy week!  I was finally able to take my car in to get it repaired from the damage of hitting the deer.  The shop I took it to is so good that they were booking 3 weeks out.  It is good not to be driving a smashed up car again.  We had venison stew tonight for supper.  It was sooooo yummy!

 I also got some new babies yesterday.  Here are a couple of pictures:

There are 7 chicks and 3 ducks.  It's a bit hard to see the little black chick, he is so small.  I think he is a bantee or other small breed.  I took the pictures with my cell phone too so they aren't great pictures either.  The chicks and ducks all had fun pecking at the leaves and finding little treasures under them.  Isn't it funny how instinctively they look for worms and bugs.  They had been kept in a house all their little lives so they are enjoying a more natural environment.  We haven't had chickens in a couple of years so I keep worrying that I'm going to forget to close the chicken house door at night and some of the local critters will get in and eat my babies.
The ducklings especially enjoyed the half-tire full of water.  I'll have to fix up some kind of pond for them.  All of my new babies kept pretty close to the gate where we brought them in.  Eventually they will get bold enough to explore all the chicken yard.  We have nearly 1/2 acre fenced in for them!

Here is the picture I took of one of the shoebox cards I haven't made yet.  I really should get the kit out and make it, isn't it pretty?  I love the shimmer that she used on the main sentiment piece.  I have Stampin' Up's shimmer paint but haven't used it in a long time.  I wonder why, it is beautiful and I enjoy adding the shimmer to my projects.  Hummm, I reckon you will be seeing more shimmer here soon!

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