Friday, March 25, 2011


Anyone out there know what that stands for?  I won't boar you with the whole thing but it is a type of vertigo, one of the p's stands for positional.  Basically, when I lay down my head does this wonky banging around kind of thing that scares the bejebbies out of me (my head isn't actually moving, at least I don't think it is).  It isn't spinning like regular vertigo, it's way worse.  When I am up I have the regular spinning kind of vertigo, when I lay down, well - I'm sleeping in a recliner because there is no way I could sleep with that going on.  What a fun week I've had!  I tried to make a card to post but by the time I got the paper cut I just couldn't do any more.  I had a picture of a basket I made a while ago I was going to post but I can't find where I got the template and I know yall are going to want it so I'm looking, which isn't easy with the vertigo going on.

Then it dawned on me that I could repost a project from last year.  Easter is coming (hence, the basket I want to post) so here  is a reminder of some cute projects you can do.  I've got some new ideas brewing on that proverbial back burner so when the vertigo is gone I'll have some very fun things to post.

I love the little bunny basket.  He is so cute hopping away and I absolutely loved the idea of using the Trendy Trees set for the carrot!  I found the idea on "Stampin' Connection", a website for Stampin' Up demonstrators with lots of ideas and discussion about stamping, scrapbooking and 3-D projects.  It is such a wonderful place to go for ideas!  

The little square bag is made of fabric using the Square Scallop die.  It takes 5 quilted squares and is so quick and easy to make.  Doesn't it make a great little Easter basket?  I've made them without the handle too so I could use it as a mini trash can for my scrapping table. 

Hey, if you've been wanting a Big Shot so you can make these fun creations, you should get it during Sale-a-
Bration.  That way you can get 2 of the Sale-a-Bration exclusive stamps or that great scrapbooking kit or the adorable (and plentiful) ribbon and button bundle.  There is also a digital special this year.  You can use it if you don't have Stampin' Up's digital program but if you aren't in the market for a Big Shot, how about getting the MDS program to earn those fun freebies??  There is a week left of Sale-a-Bration so be sure to order what you need before the clock hands turn to midnight on March 31!  I'd be glad to answer any questions you have, wrightplace4 @ mindspring dot com.

One more thing, if you have ever thought about joining Stampin' Up as a business opportunity or just to get your products at a discount, there is a great special on the Starter Kit until March 31st also.  It is 15% off PLUS you can get $50 worth of additional product that isn't usually included!  You can also pick which stamp sets and colors of ink pads you get in your kit.  The kit is a $310 value plus the $50 so you will get $360 worth of Stampin' Up supplies for $148.75.  I'm no math genius but that is more than half price!  Email me if you are interested and I'll guide you through the very easy process of becoming a Stampin' Up demonstrator!

OK, so I lied.  There is one more thing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!!!
Today is my oldest daughter's birthday.  I won't tell you how old she is because that would be giving away how old I am too! 


Anita said...

Sorry to hear that you are not doing well. Vertigo is no fun. I hope you feel better soon.

Mike and Wendy said...

I can't help but notice I came last! That's a true sign I"m a mommy. :)
Glad your on the mend. What kind of crazy treatments did Eva have you do?

Jayne Stenstrom said...

Since I transcribe for neurologists, I know that it's benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which can be very weird feeling. Did they have you do a Dix-Hallpike or Epley maneuver? Those usually seem to help.
Anyway, the basket and bunny are adorable! Can you pass on a little more direct information on how I can find the pattern on Stampin' Connection? (I'm a demo so I have access.) Thanks - and I hope you're feeling better!