Monday, February 7, 2011

Cruise pictures!

I got back from my cruise Thursday night and now it seems like a dream, a very nice dream.  It was wonderful and I'd love to go on another cruise very soon!  There was a group of 10 ladies from church who went.  2 had moved away so it was good to see them again.  One of the really cool things was that we were all 10 at one big round table in the formal dining room every night so we didn't have to either be split up or at a table with strangers.  I wonder if, when the wine server was told that none of us drank if he thought it was going to be a pious, boring group.  Let me tell you how far from the truth that would have been!  OK, I'll tell you in a scrapbook page.  I haven't gotten any pictures printed but MDS will make it quick and easy to share.  Love it! 

For the first layout, dinnertime!  I used a picture of the dining table with all it's silver and nice place settings for the background.  I adjusted the opacity of the picture until I had it how I wanted it, not so bright that it detracted from the pictures but not so dim that you couldn't tell what it was.  There are 5 pictures of some of the wonderful food we had along the bottom of the page.  At the top left, Dawnette and her napkin bow, my sister Eva and I and one of my favorite pictures, Christie with about 4 plates of food!  I was fixing the picture and nearly used the red eye tool but decided I liked it much better with the red eyes.  Christie, it is so you!

On the next page, I used the same technique of making a picture the background.  It is such a great technique that I love with MDS and I had taken this great picture of 2 ships side-by-side on either side of the pier so I wanted to use it as a background page too. 

I have some great pictures of the ruins of Tulum that I'm making a layout of too, so I'll be sharing it soon.  These ruins were my favorite part of the whole trip, I've always wanted to see the ruins in Mexico and I learned so much from our amazing tour guide!  

Well, I'm home and reality has set back in.  I reckon I need to go put another log on the fire.  It may be 77 degrees in Cozumel but it's below freezing here in TN . . .  

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Angela said...

LOVE the pages! The software Stampin Up makes pages so easy and quick! LOVED traveling to Mexico with you! Thanks for being such a great roommate and friend..Love ya! Angie