Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picture Frame?

I love the new Acrylic Blocks that Stampin' Up is now carrying. Everything I didn't like about all the other blocks out there are all fixed in these great blocks. I love that the grove around the block goes all the way around and that all corners and edges are rounded. They are easy to grip and thick enough not to slip out of your fingers. And - they make great frames!

I had to cut down this 4X6 photo slightly to fit on the block, I put a mini glue dot on each corner of the back of the block and placed the photo on it and then trimmed it to fit. I put more glue dots around the perimeter of the block and placed the ribbon around it. I made the bow using loops of the stitched grossgrain ribbon and adhered them all with more glue dots and a simple butterfly from the Beautiful Wings embosslet finishes off the frame.

If you didn't have so many people in the picture you could get more creative with flowers (wouldn't one of the 3-D roses from my previous post look great in the corner) or some stamped images. I used the E block for this picture which is 3 7/16 X 4 7/16. The F block is a great size for snapshots since it is 4 7/8 X 6. That leaves room to mat the photo if you trim the sides a little.

I also wanted to share a couple of flood pictures. Our house is fine but it has been very interesting around here the past few days. I was in Murfreesboro at a National Scrapbook Day crop on Saturday. We were under tornado warnings part of the day and we left a little early so we could get home before dark. Just before we got into Nashville the freeway was backed up so we got off and tried to find a way around what many of you saw on the news, water was so deep on I24 that is was over the retaining wall between lanes! It normally takes 1 1/2 hours to get to Clarksville from Murfreesboro. Saturday it took 4 1/2 hours! We were beginning to think we were going to have to find a motel (at least we had our scrapbook supplies to keep us busy) but we finally found a way through that wasn't flooded.
The top left picture is where our camp house by the river is. You can't see the camp house, the water is completely over it! Usually when you are standing where I was to take the picture you can't see any water at all. The camp house is 20-30 feet above the river.
Lower left is a picture of some of my corn. Many kernels were laying on top of the ground. I stood the little stalks up and put dirt around the base, they look a little rough but like they will survive. The poor things! I had to re-cover some of my butter beans and peas too, I may have to plant more seeds, I'll see what stays strong and what doesn't make it.
The top right picture is of Riverside Drive here in Clarksville. You can't actually see the road but it's there underwater, along with many businesses. What a mess they have been cleaning up! The lower right picture is of the bridge we usually drive across to get to town. It was nice to have an excuse to stay home a few days! Our home and family are doing fine and we have so much to be thankful for. Life is good :~)

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Mike and Wendy said...

Malia looked at the family picture and said, "Where's Malia?" When I pointed out that she was the baby, she said, "I want to hold Malia!"

The block frame is cute. It would make a cute mother's day present (hint, hint!).

Glad you didn't get flooded!