Friday, May 28, 2010

I really don't like it when life gets so busy that I don't have time to stamp or scrapbook! The past few weeks have been like that. Of course, during the Spring and Summer when the garden needs to be planted and weeded I expect to have less free time. I replanted 2 rows of purple hull peas today and still have a lot to replant. At least the corn is doing well! It is higher than knee deep and most of it came up and survived all the storms and floods. In no time at all I'll be canning, freezing and drying all the fruits and veggies!

In the first picture I thought I would share part of my yard. There are iris bulbs planted along my grape vines. Last year I noticed some blackberry briars in the grapes too. This year there are lots and lots of blackberry bushes, see all the white flowers among the grape leaves! We will be eating blackberries soon. I think I might need to move them to somewhere else so they won't shade my grapes too much though. Sounds like a prickly plan, doesn't it?

Anyway, I still have lots of swaps from the Spring Retreat I went to that I haven't shared. The first one was made by Ruth Hatch from Huntsville, AL. It features a set called Nature's Nest. Isn't the bird's nest beautiful? And I love the color choices for the card, Bashfull Blue, Chocolate Chip and Craft.
The second card I want to share today has a simular feel, a very realistic stamp design in natural colors. This one uses a set called Garden from the Heart in an Old Olive, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla color pallet. I love the hanging herbs and the wide brimmed hat. The creator of this card didn't put her name on the back of it so I don't know who to tell you made it. It is beautiful though.
I think I need a hat with netting over the face to wear when I pull weeds, there are so many gnats flying around my face every time I get in the garden! They seem worse this year than ever. It's a lot of work but I love being in my garden when I'm not stamping. I loose track of time when I'm doing either one!
The new 2010/11 catalog will be starting on July 1st. I'll be getting my copy in the next week or so and I'm very excited to see all the goodies! We are promised not only the color renovation that will bring our colors current with the latest styles but lots of new stamp sets to create with. The catalog has more pages than last year's and we will also be adding new accessories. Lots to look forward to. I hope it is delivered on a day when I have time to sit down and look at it for a long time!

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