Saturday, April 18, 2009

Purses Swap Card

I went to a Stampin' Up Retreat today that was sponsored by my next 2 uplines and my 3rd upline came up from Atlanta too. I wanted to join the card swap because there are always so many great ideas shared. When we got the swap information, we found out we needed to make 54 cards! This is my card above.

If you ever doubted my sanity you will be assured that I am completely crazy when you see the card I decided to make. A normal person would make one that was relatively simple and wouldn't take too long to make when they are making so many. Nope, not me! I love this card, I found it on someone's blog and cut and pasted into a file I call "Caseable Cards". There are about a dozen pages in that file now of great cards I want to copy when I have time. Unfortunately, the information for the blog I got it from is too small for me to read and when I enlarged the card it got too blurry to read so if this looks like a copy of your card, LMK so I can give credit where credit is due.
I used 4 punches to make the purses. The picture on the left shows where I cut each punch. The Round Tab punch that I used for the bottom of the purses was simply cut in half right in the middle. The Scalloped Square punch was used for 2 types of purse flaps. First I cut off the top and bottom (green) 3 scallops. Then I cut the remaining long piece into 2 other cute flaps and threw away the rectangle piece from the middle.
The handles and pink flap were made with the Large Oval punch and the Scalloped Oval punch. There was also a rectangular piece left over from this one.

I double punched these oval punches. First punch the Large Oval punch but leave enough space around it to punch the next punch.

Center the Scalloped Oval punch around the Large Oval punch carefully to punch out the handle. Since I was making so many punch pieces, I ran the paper through my Xyron machine before punching it so I could just peal and stick the purse parts onto the card and not have to keep applying adhesive. This is especially
helpful on this skinny little handle!
These are the 3 pieces for the purse on the left. The other 2 are done the same way but with a different flap. After assembling the purses, add the brads to act as closures and then add the layers of the card together. There are 2 reasons to add the brads before putting the card together. First, there will be fewer layers to punch the brad through and second, the prongs of the brad will be hidden between the layers instead of on the inside of the card where they will be seen when the card is opened. But you knew that, right??
I got some great cards in return for the swap. I'll post some more later but I think I need to post the projects we made at the retreat first. There were some great ones, I have a Mother's Day class ready to go, I just have to figure out a date for it. Mother's Day is less than a month away!
I'll post the first set of projects Monday.


KaWheelers said...

Oh wow! That looks like a lot of work. You are amazing :) This card is so cute!!

Holly said...

Very cute card Mom. Wish I had the time to do things like that. Once the house gets organized and I can afford to I finally get an area to do so. That room that you said you would use for scrapbooking will be where I put it. Gotta get things out of that area first and then gather the things needed to do so.

Mike and Wendy said...

Cute card!
And I've never doubted your sanity. I always knew you were crazy! :)

Mike and Wendy said...

Cute card!
And I've never doubted your sanity. I always knew you were crazy! :)

Mike and Wendy said...

Sorry about that! I hit the 'Publish your comment' button and it didn't do anything so I hit it again.