Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Dental Woes

Happy Easter! I hope you were able to go to church and think of our Savior and His Atonement and Resurrection today. I got to substitute for the 4 year old class at church this morning. There were 7 students there and they had lots of energy. I suspect some of them ate Easter candy before they came to church today!

The picture is of my 4 year old granddaughter. This was taken a few weeks ago (in the produce section) of her doing her fairy dance, she is very serious about it all. Notice the bright pink cowboy boots. She loves those things! She wants to wear them all the time.
Here she is in her beautiful Easter dress, all lacy, organdy and pastel colors and those boots! I don't know what everyone else thought but grandma thought she was adorable.

I have been going the dental rounds the past week. I went to get a root canal (I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to that!) last Friday and the dentist couldn't get into the 3rd canal so I was referred to an Endodontist in Nashville. I got an appt for the following Tuesday and went all excited by yet more shots in the roof of my mouth. When she got into the root she said something about it hemorrhaging and I'm laying there with my mouth wide open thinking about how that didn't sound good at all. She got the bleeding stopped and told me that they couldn't save the tooth, they could do the root canal but it probably wouldn't last another year. Well, as much as I wanted to invest over $1000 on something that wouldn't last, I agreed that I would make an appt with my dentist to have the tooth pulled.

I called as soon as I got home and was sooooo happy to learn that he had a cancellation the following day! More shots in my mouth, my favorite thing in the world! Did I mention how much I enjoy the shots in the roof of my mouth? This tooth was not anxious to stop creating trouble for me. After trying for 20 or 30 minutes to get the thing to budge he mentioned how the roots were going 3 different directions. That would make it though to pull, huh. He finally drilled and drilled (on the list of things I like least, drilling is 3rd, after shots in the roof of my mouth and shots in general) and drilled. . . enough that part of it came out. He referred to that root as a corkscrew root. He worked on that tooth for over an hour, Owie! After he was finished he had the tech take xrays and true to the nature of this tooth, there was still a piece of the root there so he had to dig back up in there to get that out. By this time, the shots are beginning to wear off. I felt every stitch he put in but I wasn't going to ask for another shot!

The next day there wasn't any pain but now I need to decide if I want to spring for an implant because they said a partial doesn't often work out well where the tooth was pulled.


The Wheeler 5 said...

oh man,!

Beverly said...

That made my stomach hurt just thinking about it!

Stephanie said...

Good grief!