Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm sorry it took me so long to announce the winner. I didn't get on the computer all day yesterday because we don't have internet at the new house yet. And the winner is . . . Ashley!

Carolyn had it right too but Ashley posted first. I did the top one on the left. I really like the top middle one too. It is made with one of the new dies that Stampin' Up carries. I really want the die but it is too big to fit in my Zippe Mate die cutting machine. I guess I need to get the Big Shot so I can cut that die out! I've seen so many cute ideas using it.

I'll get your ink pad out to you Monday morning Ashley. Congratulations!

I need to post a picture today so here is a cute picture of my youngest grandbaby. It was in honor of her turning 1 year old. I may be a bit partial but I think she is georgous! (blue frosting and all)


The Wheelers said...

AWESOME! thanks aunt elaine! ever since being in tennessee i've really wanted to scrapbook more, so some girls and i started getting together every thursday. it's been great!
i love the piture...what a great shot it is!!

Mike and Wendy said...

Nope. You're not partial! She's gorgeous! :)
I looked for a cake with pink frosting, but it was slim pickins at Wal-Mart. Unless I wanted a huge cake. I think this cake was plenty for 'little girl'!

elaine said...

Ashley, I get together with friends to scrapbook every Thursday morning and some weeks that is what keeps me going! I love the little break every week.

Wendy is a great photographer, of course she takes tons of pictures to get the perfect ones. I wish I had done that when the kids were little. I have far too few pictures of them now.