Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stamped Diffuser Necklace Class

Tuesday afternoon I am holding a Stamped Diffuser Necklace Class.  If you have ever heard of Essential Oils you know they are great for mood enhancement and healing.  I've been wearing this one I made about 6 weeks ago and have been putting an oil blend called On Guard on it.  That oil blend is supposed to have an antibacterial and antiviral effect on the body and it must work because I haven't been sick since I made this necklace!

I made another one that I have tried other oils on and I really like having the scents waft up now and then and soothe me.  If you have a stressful environment there are oils you can use that will be helpful for you.  This is a very inexpensive class, I'm basically just charging for the materials so it will average $5 per necklace with a little vial of your chosen oil.  I have lots of stamps to choose from to stamp your clay with and a variety of beads if you want to add them to your necklace.

Let me know if you can come so I will have enough tables set up, I hope I'll see you Tuesday!


Unknown said...

I was wondering if I could use your Winnie the Pooh Punch Art on my site. I like to give credit people when I copy things, If you could get back to me, I can give you more info.
I can't find a way to email you seperately, so thought I would try here.
Lisa Tedder

Anonymous said...

That is such a neat project. I certainly WISH I could come, but have no idea where you live. I doubt it would be anywhere near me. can you give directions for the necklace on your blog? Like what to purchase to make the necklace etc. My DD has lots of medical issues with her husband and my grandson and this would be for her.

crazystamper said...

I love the idea of your necklace !!! And I to live far away, I would love the directions for your necklace so please post to your blog!!!!

Such inspiration!!!!!