Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do you sew? Or would you rather create and journal?

First of all, I know you want to see a great project so here is one of the cards that was on display at the Spring Retreat.  I love the boots!  The clouds embossed on the colorful background go perfect with the rain boots too.  I wish I had written down who made it, isn't it adorable?  I am looking forward to Spring, and I'm not appreciating the cold and snow on the first 2 days of the grand kid's Spring break!  They enjoyed playing in the snow though.
I started sewing my own clothes when I was 11 after making doll clothes from scraps my mom gave me from the time I was 5 or 6.  I still have the first 2 of dresses I made for myself but I sure wish I had some of those doll clothes I made when I was in grade school!

Speaking of sewing, did you know that Stampin' Up has put their fabric on sale?  50% off, what a deal!  And it is on all their fabric, not just a selected few.  My first question was, does it include the Tea For Two fabric from the Spring Mini catalog, and yes, it does!  Both of the fabrics from the mini are included in the sale.  I'm going to order the Tea For Two fabric just because it is so pretty and I think I'll get 2 of the Twitterpated because I think it will make an adorable dress for my granddaughter.  I might get the Flirtatious for my other granddaughter.  All the fabric is so pretty, how do you decide???

I need some new curtains for my stamp room too.  How many packages would I need for curtains?  The fabric 28" X 18" per piece and there are 3 per package.  I'll need a yard stick and calculator to figure that one out! I think that is what I will do with the Tea For Two fabric, it is so pretty I could look at it all day. 

The sale started yesterday, Monday, March 25 and goes until Sunday, March 31, 2013 so you just have a few more days to grab some pretty fabric.  What will you make with yours?  Here is the link:

Another fun and wonderful product Stampin' Up just released is their This and That product line.  It is a fun journal you can create to ccapture your moments, thoughts, plans, ideas, sketches, hope, dreams—anything and everything! Our bundle includes the five This and That products will be in the upcoming 2013-2014 annual catalog but you can get this set for 15 percent off through April 30!  Check it out here: http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ItemList.aspx?categoryid=1448

Have a good rest of your week.  I've got a busy one, I might not have a chance to sit still again until after church on Sunday.  I'm glad I had the last 2 days to spend with the grandchildren!

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